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  1. Spanker here in Sac.

  2. Hello everyone I am new to this site...I am excited to have found something that is streamlined to spanking needs..look forward to meeting new people..

  3. I seem to have written a million profiles trying to define my needs, and seem I always end up defending them, as if they are something of the charts and completely inconcievable to the Daddy Doms out there....So I actually came across a website not long ago..that seem to say it all..I will gladly share it if you have an interest. But someone actually hit the nail on the head when defining the DD practices and Purpose for both the Spanker and Spankee! I will try and sum it up in a few paragraphs.. First and foremost, this is a real need for me..I seek a Daddy type personality...that literally has a duel personality..one that can be kind and gentle for those rare times I am being a good girl, and one that can pull his belt off and know what to do with it...<grins> I have a great deal of experience in the BDSM community, and basically all that is experience is good for now is to help me determine what I DON'T want...This is on NO level sexual to me...I am more a little girl inside most times..craving the leadership, love, guidance and discipline of a daddy...I don't wanna grow up...and I don't wanna behave, or more...I can't behave without a Daddy Presence in my life.. What kind of relationship I seek: For now..I want a decent period of getting to know someone...I am not necessarily seeking a "boyfriend" "husband" thing..but down the road..a few hundred miles down the road.I may consider that move...I would need you to be local to me however..Where is local? well that would be Sacramento California...I don't feel you could manage me 4 hours away...and I would also hope you have a location, to send me to pay penence (aka get the discipline, you determine)..I have just relocated back to Sac, and It will be about a month until I rent a place.. Big Breath...I think thats all for now..Oh ya I have my Own toys..I prefer it that way...but don't worry I have plenty to choose from <winks> I look forward to hearing from you...you can find me on Yahoo under dazlndefiance or aol under submissivemirage...Hugz and waves Cassie Denise.bmp
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