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  1. We sent you a note and are waiting to hear from you.

  2. We are still interested in meeting you if you want.

  3. I am a chubby female living in central Ohio that is seeking a boyfriend for a relationship where spanking will be utilized in a discipline friendly relationship. My significant other will be able to provide spankings for motivation or discipline but i am not looking for a master and i can definitely think for myself. I am simply seeking a boyfriend for possible long term relationship in which spanking will be involved.
  4. Hi,Its good to see you on the site. Check out our profile I think we are what your looking for.

  5. I need a Daddy very much. I live in Columbus Ohio. I have been naughty and emotional and i need a good spanking. I wish you were available for tonight. Could you be my daddy?
  6. If you are still around you sound absolutely perfect for what i want and need!
  7. I am 22/f chubby Caucasian seeking a Mommy and/or Daddy figure either in Central Ohio or willing to travel. I want an ongoing mommy/daddy/daughter relationship for disciplinary spankings and guidance. I need to be spanked from time to time to keep me in line and to motivate me to do school work (college) etc. I have never been spanked but i need it in my life. I am not looking for sex at this time. If you are around to spank me tonight that would be great. I have had a rough week and need a good spanking!
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