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  1. Looking for a strict stepmom or stepdad for disciplinary spankings around Northern Ohio.  Cannot host

  2. 30 miles South of Cleveland Oh. Looking for either a male or female or both for bare bottom discipline spankimgs. I am an over grown 13 year old trapped in a 52 yr orld body.
  3. OMG...What a lap, what a look. Beuatiful!
  4. I am 52 and in Northern Ohio. Looking for rt bare bottom discipline. I will confess my mistakes to whomever wants to punish me. In great shape and need to be held accountable. Open to either a strict mom or dad type. Very clean and very approachable. Feel free to hit me up not easily offended.
  5. For me a punishment spanking is erotic. Being lectured, having my pants taken down or being made to take my pants down and being spanked with vigor results in extreme arousal. Doesnt matter if its rapid fire or slow and hard if it hurts and is for some sort of infraction I am left horny!
  6. For me spanking has always and eventually resultes in arrousal. Even a harsh punishment spanking causes a reaction of arrousal. The punishment may hurt and cause regret or remorse but eventually I will become aroused and need relief.
  7. Forgot about the hairbrush section....sensory overload!
  8. Love the kitchen gadget isle in the dollar store or grocery, there I always stop and look at all the different imements hanging like wooden spoonz and spatulas. Always feel my heart race a little and get a feeling of arrousal in my loins. Samething happens at the clothing isle with belts.
  9. New member here....30 miles Sourh of Cleveland. Looking for conversation from any and all. I am 52 and life long spanko. Most interested in recieving from either male or female. Will converse about any topic as long as its legal. Mostly into recieving but am open to giving a spanking as well.
  10. Damn near every day, but this is due to lack of attention. If i was spanked more often I am sure it would be less
  11. Twice as an adult. Neither prearranged. Both were punishment spankings from females. Both happened to have a friend over when the spanking occurred. Both left me embrassed, surprised and arroused. Both were very painful the first was over the knee with a brush the 2nd otk followed by corner time.
  12. At a public pool when I was about 12 I saw a boy of about 10 get pulled over hos dads k ee and handspanked. Also in school boys were often paddled for poor behavior. I witnessed several boys get swats from the gym teacher and shop teacher. Also saw a neighbor kid get hand spanked from his mom. All of the incidents left me aroused and curious.
  13. I was handspanked by a much taller woman than myself. She put her leg up on a chair while standing, forceably bent me over and held me in place by wrapping her arm around my waist and spanking me with the other. This was an on the spot response for being rude. It was rapid fire, very hard and intense. Since it was only for being rude and not an ongoing issue no implement was used.
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