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  1. Fishless Cycling Fish in Tank Cycling Hopefully these can answer your questions.
  2. Yes SM it was discussed before hand. Either they offered or asked me to pay half. The exception was Heat, but then he has been an exception is SO many way, and he paid. (probably wished he didn't now! )
  3. Generally speaking Woobie it is actually considered a safe situation. First of it is just assumed that you have made safe call. Besides that, although you have a moderate amount of privacy in a hotel room, you are actually surrounded by a number of people. As for the answer to your question Herr, it really is up to the two individuals. I have paid for half or had it paid for by the er.
  4. You will get babies but they will eat most of their babies.
  5. Yes Dwarf Puffers are aggressive and should not be kept with almost any other fish. They would kill your little guppies in no time. They are not recommended for beginning hobbyist. They are picky eaters and have some special tank requirements. Your little guppies would be happier with a few more friends. 1 Male should be with 2 - 3 females.
  6. Don't give up. Try some different fish. A betta is a great first fish! Try some mollies or platies. Even guppies can be fun. There are a ton of tetras. A school of penguin or serpae tetras are some of my favorites. I found a really fun website. AqAdvisor helps you figure out what fish you can have together and in your sized tank. FishLore is a wealth of information. PetSmart and Petco are horrible places to get fish unless you REALLY know what to look for. They are an excellent place to go and practice identifying fish disease though! Try looking for an actual fish store, one the specializ
  7. You can make real connections with people you meet on line. I met Heat here and we are now couple. I have found several spanking partners here. It can be a good place to connect to others. You have to use cautions. Yes, there is a real person typing on the other side of the screen but that person doesn't have to be who they say they are. You may think you are talking to a 23 year old woman, but it could be a 52 year old man or a 15 year old girl. I have talked to a few people that as the conversation went on I started getting the idea that the person was just using the conversation to meet th
  8. Sorry ... my bad, I need to read more carefully.
  9. I totally agree. I wanted to read it because everyone was but the poor writing just drove me nuts. I think I am going to use the book in some craft project ... just have not decided what.
  10. I have had fish all my life. Everything from betta fish to a saltwater set up. Right now my pride and joy is a dwarf puffer fish, but he is not my own fish. A 1.5 gallon tank is only appropriate for a betta fish. Even your 10 gallon is not really going to be a good fit for 2 goldfish, it might be okay for now but later you are going to want to get a larger tank. You really want at least a 20 gallon for a goldfish. They get large and they are messy fish. So make sure you have a good filter on the tank. I personally add fish right away and add new ones slowly. Everyone has their opinion. Thi
  11. I used to be a cookie smashing Valentine hating person. Nothing made me more depressed than realizing I had absolutely nobody in my life. Now I enjoy it. It is one of the few times a year I get flowers and a stuffed animal. I like doing something special for Heat, but I don't need a special day for that. It is a day for me to be so thankful that I finally found that person to share my weirdness with.,
  12. When I am feeling down, very frustrated or stressed out I ask Heat to spank me. There is an endorphin rush, but it is not always energizing. Sometimes it makes me very very tired. It does make me feel better though.
  13. I agree with Katekk. Depression is a serious condition and you really need to talk to your doctor and/ or therapist to come up with the appropriate treatment for you. Taking medication for depression is no different than taking medication for high blood pressure or any other medical condition. How does spanking fit in? Well spanking does release endorphin, a hormone that increases happiness. When I am having a blue day I have asked Heatmaker to spank me. It makes me feel better right then. I don't think it is long term solution but it does help me on a bad day. Also, as MB said, a lot of pe
  14. Rubber Chicken? That is just weird, just plain weird! LOL
  15. If a spanking is what you want and the way you get a spanking is by acting "naughty" them most definitely yes.
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