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  1. Yes! I completely agree with you @UKKnight I can't tell you how many messages I have gotten from people, both in chat and in PM on the board, with a one-liner along the lines of 'would you be interested in being my mentor?' I have a rather extensive About Me which I have come to understand is kind of unique for this site. But I don't think it's too much to ask, especially for people who claim to have read my about me to message me with a little information about themselves that complement the information I have provided to the public. I am probably also unique in that most of the time when I get a message from someone I go right to their profile to look and see if they have an About Me and read it. That's my way of trying to give the people who write me 'one liners' the benefit of the doubt. Nine times out of ten there's nothing there and also no board content to read and try to get a sense of them either. Rant over lol On a slightly different note, another 'red flag' is if more than one person shares a concern about a particular person take it seriously. Now, the back side of that is that someone having an issue with another person could simply be a matter of contrasting personalities or a misunderstanding but several people talking about different incidents and mentioning the same person (especially if you have never mentioned the person to them and especially if those people aren't associated with each other) is probably an indication for you to be cautious. Always make up your own mind about someone but that doesn't mean never listening to others' experiences and learning from them.
  2. 77...Zhev go back to camp!
  3. I use a lot of essential oils now because of some of my ongoing health issues. Long story short if I were to take a pill every time I had a 'normal' pain like a headache that combined with my prescription would be a LOT of medication. Anyway...Artizen sells a "Top 14" set and in it are some pre-mixed oils. One of them is called "Good Sleep" -- you can spritz some on your pillow or somewhere I read just soaking a cotton ball in it and putting the cotton ball by your bed will give off the aroma. And then, of course, you can diffuse any of the oils, too. I haven't been able to figure out what the oils are that make up "Good Sleep" but one of them is Lavender so when I'm out of "Good Sleep" I use lavender. I also use "Zzz Quil" but the active ingredient in that is the same as the active ingredient in Benadryl and Benadryl is cheaper.
  4. Yes! I didn't realize that had happened on this site. On another site I was a part of that is now shut down I actually came across someone who attended the high school I graduated from. I did check ID and they were 18 but it was just waaaay too much of a coincidence. The good thing is that he was able to verify me in a 'vanilla' way because I was a tutor and some of the teachers I knew were still teaching there. But we only met the once!
  5. @AfterGeometry sorry, for some reason I didn't see your response last night when I responded. As I said, I didn't ask for any other information since he used Skype on his phone. At the same time though, I will be asking others for alternate ways of getting in touch. And if this ee and I do get back in touch I'll be asking that of him, too. I get what @David955 is saying about tangible relationships but at the same time, I don't understand people on SN, who regularly engage in online interactions with others of like mind have this standard that something isn't real or valuable unless you meet in real life. I won't say that there aren't people who don't take this seriously but devaluing the relationship based on the fact that a real-life meeting hasn't yet taken place doesn't seem fair...particularly with all the talk about safety protocols as of late. And I know I'm not the only ER that's working with someone who is at a physical distance. @Child of Light I'm not his first ER, and I think it should be noted that he messaged me about being his ER. I have been the one to gently prod to get real-life information and he's gone with it, which is why I'm taking the responsibility for not having any other means of communication. I didn't ask and now I know I should have. But several of the people I have met here take a lot of precautions to keep themselves safe so I didn't think anything of not having it. As difficult as it is I guess I don't have any other choice but to give him time and see if he comes around. Like I said, the fact that he said "talk to you tomorrow" and then hasn't spoken to me or responded when I have reached out for three weeks now is what's setting off the alarm bells. But even if there is something wrong there's nothing I can do.
  6. We found each other on here, which is why I am asking about it on here. He doesn't frequent the site, though.
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