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  1. We are no longer accepting new members on the site. Thank you to all who have shown interest.
  2. Just a couple reminders! I love that we have been getting applications for people wanting their inners to join our community! Please keep in mind that the email we use for the site is a secondary email address for those who use it. As such, that account does not get checked as often as one would an email used for traditional purposes. For this reason, please PM me on the site if you choose to send in an application so that I or Sadeskid know that we need to check the email address! Someone from here sent in an application and it wasn't until I was messaged by another someone on here abou
  3. Hi everyone! I apologize for the absence as I am still dealing with medical and financial issues! Please know that I appreciate each one who has reached out to me in any way. 

  4. *breathes a huge sigh of relief* Prayers answered!! 

    1. Sadie


      @Sin616 probably about half this community can vouch for how worried I was. 

    2. spoonybard


      Really glad to hear it!

  5. Wooden dowels that can be found in the craft aisle at Wal-Mart. Read the packaging and make sure you're getting the right/safest ones. A "certain someone" accidentally picked up a pack of square ones. And another "certain someone" informed me that they're also sold in metal and plastic. They do break over time, from wear and tear. I have never had one break during a spanking, though I imagine if it went long enough and/or it was used hard enough that could happen. (With the wooden, round ones, that is. I can only speak to those.)
  6. Welcome back Zhev! Missed you! Also, I realize that with any thread the intent on starting it might be separate from someone's intent when they reply BUT I did want to make it clear that the phrases and words that I shared are endearing to me and make me smile when said (the first time it's tried, at least). Some of them could also be an indication of nerves and anxiety that may need to be addressed and the person reassured before 'getting serious'. This isn't a judgment but an observation that I feel comfortable making based on my experiences and communications with others. Not every
  7. For me, it is 100% nonsexual. I am a huge nurturer and very protective by nature. I also happen to believe in spanking and it's effectiveness. There is a difference in believing in spanking and having a spanking fetish, ie liking it. There are certain behaviors that I won't put up with but there are others that I can be persuaded to be lenient with. If I really and truly wanted to and set out to spank someone, I wouldn't give my ee any nonphysical punishments or any grace or wiggle room at all -- my entire goal would be to "punish" her. But anyone who has spoken to me and spent time with me kn
  8. In every conversation, there are probably words and phrases that alert us that something isn't as it should be or arouse our suspicion. Words and phrases like... "what had happened was..." "pretty much..." "technically..." "right around..." So, what are some "cutesy" or "playful" or "sassy" words and phrases that you or your EE say to try to avoid explaining something?
  9. Hi Hannah! That is absolutely not a weird thing to want or ask for! I am also in this for nonsexual reasons. Check out my About Me and message me if you'd like!
  10. It is true that a lot of people wouldn't go into detail the way that you have, here. For that reason, don't let anyone's questioning your integrity bother you too much. It pays to be cautious in this type of situation (speaking both for being skeptical of the post and meeting people in real life). I can be wordy like you, and while I haven't had people question my integrity for that reason (though I have for others) I have had issues with people who approach me returning as much information as I give them to me. More often than not, despite my long and detailed About Me and semi-long Marketpla
  11. I want to clarify that I am NOT asking for money. I can provide anyone willing to help with my power company's phone number and the account number. The same with my cable/internet provider. If anyone is willing to send groceries, that can be done through Wal-Mart.com and Amazon.com. I imagine gift cards to other grocery stores can be given through email so that at no time do we ever have knowledge of each other's banking information.
  12. It's also quite hard because even if you do trust your partner, you can never be 100% sure the other party is trustworthy. So even if the SO has one mindset, and even if the person who is in a spanking situation (whether it be a one time thing or a relationship) with them has agreed to those terms, there is no way it to be 100% sure that the other party is going to keep their end of the deal. Sadly, many people take limits to mean that once a relationship is in place those limits can be pushed slightly because a trust has been built...and here I am talking about an assumtion being made by one
  13. Thanks. I appreciate that.
  14. @AfterGeometry Gotcha. Yeah, that's a difficult one. And maybe I think of it differently because I am an ER but I see nothing wrong with discussing things with many different people. Not all of the people you talk with will work out. And talking doesn't even have to mean that a spanking ever happens before a party realizes that the other party isn't a good fit. Personally, I was warned that I would get slammed by a lot of messages since I am a female ER and apparently that's a rare commodity here. If I hadn't responded in a timely manner to each of those messages that would have been rud
  15. I don't care how other people are treated. I have a right to be treated with respect, game or not. How other people are treated is beside the point. Add to that that it was a medication issue and yes, it struck a nerve. I have made no secret about my situation and I don't and will never appreciate it being used in the manner that it was, "part of the back and forth" and "heckling" or not. Integrity is important to me, and the way it came across was that I lacked integrity. That's never going to be funny to me.
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