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  1. I'm an experienced and effective Spanker / Disciplinarian / Daddy Dom in western MN, Fargo/Moorhead area. I'm an expert the spanking and corporal punishment of errant females. If you're in need of a serious discipline spanking in the Upper Midwest, hit me up!
  2. I'm an experienced and strict Disciplinarian in the MN area. What are you looking for specifically?
  3. Keep writing!

  4. Hi there, I'm a Spanker here in Minnesota as well, and it be great to get to know other spanko's in the area. Are you all on Fetlife? There is a spanking in Minnesota group currently, but it's not very active or large.
  5. Thanks STS!! Thanks for serving our country!
  6. Hi All, I go by Tank in the spanko and BDSM communities. I'm a small business owner in the IT Industry. I'm 31 years old, and also bounce at a strip club up here in the frozen north lol.
  7. Tank


    Good luck with your search! Feel free to private message me. I'm a Disciplinarian, but that doesn't mean I'm necessarily the right one for you.
  8. Tank

    poor canada

    lol I'm sure there's gotta be a rancher or Eskimo up there in Alberta who'd be willing to help you out.
  9. Hi, I'm a 26 yr old Disciplinarian with a few years of exp. in the lifestyle. If you'd like to chat sometime, respond to this or send me a message.
  10. Hi Backtalker, I'm younger than your preffered age range, though I do have experience providing discipline for women older than me. I live in the SD region. If you're interested in effective, no-nonsense discipline spankings please email me gurkyn@yahoo.com Happy to provide refrences
  11. just have to say, great screen name

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