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  1. goodcontrol


    I am a safe respectful male physician in Ambler, PA about 15 minutes from KOP. Please message me at strictbutgentle@gmail.com
  2. woodrage.com has the best hairbrush paddles in its small paddles section. It is the base of a hairbrush without the bristles. Oak 3/4 inch is my choice. It looks harmless because it is just 10 inches, but it is more effective than the big ones. The weight is important. I have 3 of these paddles, because a clever lawyer once hid my paddle. She soon found out that I had another. Hiding a paddle has consequences!!
  3. Labial spanking is best when it is gentle. Then both partners can savor it. Using it for discipline is too harsh. I have done it, and I won't do it again.
  4. This mature very well-educated man wants to understand and satisfy your needs. Sex is not expected. Safety is most important.
  5. A good girl spanking needs to be fairly hard. You must satisfy her spanking needs. The need is real.
  6. Prevention is best. Use light wide implements of leather. They bruise less than the hand, which is heavy and narrow. If you had heavy implements, immediate application of ice packs can help. Dr. H
  7. Motivation is what you are seeking. Before the session ask him to be held accountable for a few goals that are important to you. The discussion should be before the day of the session.
  8. For "sting" you should have lightweight implements with a large flat contact area. It should be flat so that the contact is spread out evenly.
  9. People often try to convert their vanilla partner to be the spanker. I have only encountered one person who succeeded, and the success was only partial. When she needed a real disciplinary spanking, she asked me to do it. He couldn't make it disciplinary. Converting a vanilla partner to be a spankee is much more difficult. Being a spankee is something that a person needs to feel individually. It is "a gene".
  10. You don't need medication. You need to pause to think about what really makes you happy If the perceived problem is not really a problem, it does not require you to respond. Very few issues in life are so important that you must respond. Spanking is totally not needed.
  11. Eryn - Please email me at strictbutgentle@gmail.com

    1. Eryn0000


      I cannot use email due to lack of

      privacy on my home

      computer . Will start a new thread and we can see if it works 

  12. Messaging you on this site doesn't work. Please write to me by email at strictbutgentle@gmail.com I want to stay in touch with you!
  13. The site says that Erynn can't receive messages. I deleted messages from my inbox so that I can send, but you can't receive. I.J.
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