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  1. Anyone ever been bent over and paddled. Three day's ago got a good hard paddling which seemed like hours but only lasted a half hour or so, I haven't been paddled in a few months now seven to be correct. I was secured and gagged naked, I didn't get a warning when it started and i hurt like hell. I haven't had time to recover and am all bruised and still can't sit down without a burning sensation on my buttocks.
  2. It's been known to happen, sometimes just have to be quiet. Sometimes get gaged because of the pain.
  3. not all the time , she has done rectal temps on me to further my humiliation, and then being over her lap immobilized
  4. My girl friend likes to have me otk and then she holds me down by my balls , I know she does this for one simple reason ( i'm bigger and stronger than her ) she's not taking any chances with me while she blisters my ass. sometimes she has a friend over to restrain me, hands behind back, feet tied and mouth gagged. she then starts to paddle me as she see's fit. this can last for a while I'm paddle in batches for a few hours or until she feels I've learned my lesson. My question is , is this normal for a woman to be so aggressive that she spanks her man as hard as she seems fit to keep me d
  5. I'm ready for your needs, if i may help you to reach your goals, drop me a line and we'll go from there.
  6. why is it, after lengthy introductions etc. when the time comes to get spanked. some people are a no show and just simply cease to exsist!. i'm not going to name anyone particular, you know who you are and should be removed, this happens all to often, and always the same persons, yes you are a few individuals!!.
  7. it's self explanitory same age groups,same crimes. 30% back in prison, 8 year period, 22000 inmates, 20-40 years of age. 1946-1954
  8. spanking therapy is a good thing to change or modify a persons train of thought, according to canadian statistics done on women in womens institutions and prisons , it showed that 70% of the women that were benched for the strap for offences committed in prison never committed crimes after release from prison, so you have to ask, maybe it should be brought back as a deterent to crime. today more than half of the prison population is back within a few months of release. the persons and crimes always the same.
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