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  1. DaChief

    Glasses Selfie

    You have lovely eyes.
  2. Thank you. She did indeed have a special brand of Christmas cheer.
  3. Using a high stool to make the spankee dangle in the air can be fun too.
  4. I just got my second shot. The first shot reversed my long haul. Two more weeks and some degree of normalcy returns. 

    1. rubyredd



  5. The sights, the sounds and the intimate bond I share with the spankee.
  6. For whatever it's worth, I've been on this site for several years and I only just figured it out next year. (That's a joke, folks)
  7. Which now goes into the territory of my being very well preserved for my age. But at 31, I would expect her maturity level would be such as to separate "age" from "condition."
  8. YEah. The only person who knows the answer is her, assuming she does know the answer; she may not even know what happened. Even if she does know the answer, odds are she won't tell me.
  9. The disturbing behavior and her being winded at the top of the hill were separate things; one physical the other mental/emotional. I've heard of borderline personality disorder, but all I know about it is that it's difficult to diagnose or treat. I'm still thinking she knew she had something physical going on that she wasn't telling me about and that's what triggered the outburst when she saw the hill. That's how it felt when I was in the situation anyway.
  10. Like I said, it wasn't too bad. Maybe a 30 degree angle at most. The stumbling, and I should have qualified this, probably had more to do with the fact she was wearing flip flops and the ground was gravelly. That doesn't explain her being so winded at the top of the hill though.
  11. Hm. Cystic Fibrosis. I wonder if maybe that's what was wrong with her physically and she was trying to pass herself off as healthy? Guess I'll never know.
  12. So, no, I won't be contacting her again. Whether or not she contacts me is to to be determined at a later date I suppose. You really nailed the part of this that was off the rails on the head. Because in one moment we really did go from having what I thought was a fun time to her suddenly dehumanizing me on some level, and then egging me on to climb a hill she struggles to climb. Somehow I think she knew she couldn't get up that hill without difficulty, which goes back to my earlier response that she was projecting something inside herself on to me, which may or may not have been some weir
  13. I suppose it's possible. But this was like a whole personality change. I may never get a rational answer to the whole thing. But it was disturbing on every level. Which is why I came here to try and talk it out, and when a guy needs to talk this stuff out, well I guess that gives you a clue how disturbing the whole thing was. And of course we live in the same town, so odds are I'll bump into her again at some point. That'll be awkward. Oy vey.
  14. This is exactly why the first words out of my mouth when she got to the top of the hill were, "Do you have asthma?" It's nothing to be ashamed of.
  15. That wouldn't make sense. Neither one of us planned to actually do anything until after we were both vaccinated. So why instigate now? Besides, if she gave me a straight story about her experience level, she's been doing this since age 19. I'd think she'd have learned to pick up on social cues and have some sort of "ethical bratting" compass by age 31. This wasn't playfull bratting though; this was nasty and vicious. I mean it was the sound of her voice and what I saw in her eyes which made the difference.
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