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  1. I've never given a spanking at work. There's one young lady though who has a very bratty personality. My other co-workers gave her the nickname "Lil Troublemaker." Because I am a spanko, I was keeping my guard up around her, given the political correctness climate. Anyway, one day I had her in a one-on-one training meeting and as we sat down she looks at me and in an almost little girl's voice says, "Am I in trouble?" Before my brain knew what was happening, my ears heard my mouth say, "Yeah, I thought it was time we had a talk, young lady." BOOM If she's not one of us, then this is the most bizarre coincidence of my life. We are in different offices, and the training session was remote over a video conferencing program. No real chance to explore things with her, given the distances involved. And maybe that's a good thing. She keeps pressuring me to come visit that office though...
  2. I enjoy giving marathon hand spankings which can run 1000 - 2000 hand swats. Those can run 15 - 20 minutes.
  3. I haven't posted anything over there in a while, but I have in the past. Agoodspanking is good. I like his stuff. I'll have to look at Punishmentsonly.
  4. They had one here years ago. I suspect with SESTA/FOSTA legislation that now becomes problematic, however.
  5. Hi Folks, I just joined last night. I'm Connecticut based and looking forward to getting to know the group members better. I've been active as a spanking top since I was in my 20's. I turned 50 this past January. I've been in a couple of DD lifestyle relationships over the years. I had been active on this site a few years back, but an annoying thing called Real Life pulled me away from these sites for a while. Now that things are settling down in my private life, I'm planning to again be a contributor on these sites.
  6. Greetings from an old time member who has regrettably been inactive in recent years. Congrats on buying back the site. I'm confident it will remain in good hands. I have a question about the Spanking Needs Marketplace site, however. It seems all of the posts from after February 4th have vanished. Was that related to the update of this site?
  7. DaChief


    CT is complex. There was a time when one of the GLBT clubs in New Haven would let straight spankos and other people of kink rent the club on various weeknights, but the new owners shut us out. The Society in Hartfrod pretty much owns all things kink in CT, which is fine. They have several Spanko Invasion events, and I was a guest speaker at the first one. The Society is a pansexual group though, and while spankos are welcome, the group as a whole is a mixed bag. Folks who live in Fairfield County, such as myself, more typically go into NYC where there's 2 different and active spanko groups operating, plus the club Paddles. I hosted a couple of spanko munches a couple of years ago, but then things got complex with my family life, so I haven't hosted one in a while. There is an interest in hosting a spanking party in the Stamford or SoNo area, but getting a location is the difficult part. But it is not hopeless.
  8. I'll be getting up to the Milford mall right about noon. Hope some folks are there. Look for a guy with a hairbrush on the table.
  9. Hope it all goes well today. Pity I have to work this afternoon. I'd like to have attended.
  10. Well, an early happy birthday to you. Happy to see you in Milford if you'd care to come. Looks like it'll be a small group, but we have to start somewhere.
  11. Hi all, To help expand the CT spanking community, a second Meet & Greet will be held in CT on 25 February at the food court in the Milford Shopping Centre in Milford, CT from 12pm - 3pm. Attendees of the Manchester event are welcome, and all who can attend both events are encouraged to do so. The Milford Shopping Centre is located right off of exit 39-B from I-95. Please contact the poster for more detailed directions as needed.
  12. Sundays are bad for me because I work on Sunday, but if you need help promoting it, let me know.
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