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  1. I've been fortunate. I have some fluctuating antibodies, so I've been playing here and there with those I deem "Covid safe." My good fortune came at a price though.
  2. OP: Sorry you got conned. It really sucks to get burned like this. I know that the temptation to shop for a "pro" can be hard to resist when the urge is strong, but everyone please bear in mind that for about $75, anyone can set up a just-barely-more-than-boilerplate website and get search engine optimization services which will bring them to the top of a Google search. This fact attracts con artists, and it attracts them big time because their main thought is that the people reading this don't want to reveal their kink, and therefore won't report the con to the police. Please keep thi
  3. In this pandemic age, it's more difficult for people who are getting started. A lot of munches have been cancelled, or have gone virtual, although some are slowly experimenting with methods of hosting a socially distanced event. Munches are a good start, and yes, the people who attend often are into a variety of things which don't involve spanking, but that doesn't mean they don't engage in spanking as well. You will find spanko receptive kinksters at most of those munches. Just be warned that some of the people at those events may feel a need to scorn you for "only being into spanking." I
  4. Age is a weird thing in this lifestyle. Even as a younger spanko (20's) I saw it where felame spankees in my age bracket at the time gravitated to 40+, which annoyed me as a younger man. As a more seasoned spanko, I've learned that yes, there are women in their 20's and 30's who will gravitate to guys my age, and there are women who won't. Then there are those who just want the spanking done "right," and they couldn't care about the age of the spanker. Because of this "weird" age thing, some folks assume a 20 year-old spankee wants a "daddy" or "mommy" type, and while some may, not all
  5. We They don't exist. The guy is probably schizophrenic.
  6. Very true. Since the 2016 election, many people decided to go around that by posting political rants as status updates and journal entries. The driving theory was "social activism" and "spreading the message" because status updates and journal entries will populate into people's feeds, unlike the group chatter. That's what's been setting people off about the politically charged nature of FetLife.
  7. I literally just posted in one of the groups this morning and said "Sometimes I feel like the number of functioning adults on this site are fading to black..." Yeah, the mindset there is...middle school. At best.
  8. The ban hasn't gone into effect yet, and it's been met with backlash, but they're reviewing options on it. Frankly, I think they have to. The site is based out of Canada, which has strict anti-hate speech laws. America's political dysfunction is running up hard against those laws right now.
  9. I certainly cede your point that the political fervor on FetLife exploded, especially in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 election here in the US. If you haven't logged on in a while, then you might not have heard the the owners of FetLife announced last month a total ban on political speech on the website. How and if that plays out is pending. The Onlyfans stuff is bringing the site into a very "low rent" status, indeed. There a few (very few) Onlyfans models who I'm told are doing some seriously kinky stuff, which is relevant, and the ones who are doing kink are also very respectful
  10. So, getting back to FetLife... The main thing to keep in mind over there is that it's dubbed a "kinky social networking site." That means different things to different people. For most reading this, it means be a place to find local events and possibly local partners. Just bear in mind others have alternate definitions. The professional photographers and video companies see it as a place to hawk their product. In turn, the models who work for these guys see it as a place to mass add friends so that they can market their "FetLife following" to the photogs and such for work. The cl
  11. Sadly, guys like this exist on all of the sites. I have a morbid fascination with this guy's posts though, not matter which screen name he uses (he has several), because his ability to marry contempt and disdain for others in a way which reinforces his preconceived notion that he's the smartest guy in the room always makes me laugh. Once in a while, he gives me ideas for satirical personal ads which are so bombastic, I actually get replies. The good news is that not everyone on this site is like him, and there are some good, decent, and yes, real people here. It's just par for the course t
  12. Now, now...I've needed coffee to function since I was 15... It's truly my drug of choice!
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