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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by "for the good of the people of the fringed society." My ee's are all fairly normal women who are fully functional in the world. They just function a little better with a healthy glow in their bottom.
  2. Hi. I've seen you on Fet a few times. Welcome to SN. We're a little more laid back than Fet, but I hope you like it here.
  3. I see he deleted his blog post on Spanking Tube talking about what a great success Spankaholics Anonymous was.
  4. Thank you. Now if we can get him off of S-Tube and I-Pun...
  5. @DaddysGirl Anything that can be done to shut this guy down is something I approve of, provided that it is done legally and ethically. My biggest concern is the Facebook group. That's the weakest link for him to attract more victims.
  6. The problem with this guy is that he's been banned from almost all of the kink sites. He's now running a Facebook group where he constantly milks Jillian Keenan and her Youtube videos. In other words, he's building on her attempts to bring spanking more mainstream by trying to attract people who may not be willing or able to sign up for a site such as this. That crowd has no knowledge of his bad behavior, because they aren't on these sites, but rather they watch Jillian on Youtube, then listen to pontificating on Facebook. It all sounds legit to these "shallow water" spankos, because they only have Jillian to reference against, and all he has to do is parrot the right keywords to earn their trust. Once he lures someone into a room, it's a different story. And of course, he runs the Facebook group, which means he controls the posts, which means he has the ability to censor anyone from these sites who try to warn his unsuspecting victims on the Facebook group about his past.
  7. I appreciate where you're going with this, and what you're trying to do. I feel compelled to copy @Child of Light in to have her review the recent updates to this thread though. Bill has been a problem on these sites for at least a decade, even back when I was a mod on the now defunct Spankolife website. As a former mod who was privy to some of Bills behavior patterns, I'm doubling down with @SkipNC on the issue of publicly posting the affidavit. Unless this document is already in the public domain, the information posted here should be released on a need-to-know basis only. I know that many on these sites disdain "need-to-know" as a way to cover up for predators. The reality is that there are legal obligations in play in these situations and those obligations must be abided, which is why need-to-know exists. The balancing act is how to use need-to-know to roust the bad actors. I've been speaking out about Bill for many years, but still keeping my documentation on him "need-to-know."
  8. When people are in established arrangement, and a dynamic is in place, it's perfectly fine. My comments in that other thread were geared towards the vetting process. At that stage of things, the ee isn't someone I'm established with and as such, there is a social boundary in place. Playful bratting can be part of the dance during vetting, yes, but full tilt escalation is not. Per @Chastener some spankees will do this in an attempt to intensify and perhaps even accelerate the process. Calling that early often puts an end to it, but not always, and if the ee can't respect the social boundary, even after it's been called out, then that becomes red flag behavior. Red flag behavior is red flag behavior and an er has as much right to walk away from red flags as an ee. When an er sees red flags and tells an ee "I don't think I'm the right spanker for you, based on what you're telling me," and that ee then proceeds to go online and trash the guy as a liar and such, well, the ee just validated the er's gut instincts on the red flags. This was what my comments on the other thread were about. Ee's who don't give off red flags, but want help with attitude issues aren't the problem.
  9. I logged into LinkdIn for the first time since God knows when, and the first article is see is "Are SPACs getting Spanked? 🤣

    1. arguy


      Its true though! 

  10. This ties back to what I said yesterday about the overly entitled lot. It's often overlooked that consent is a two-way street and that male tops have a right to decline moving forward with an EE just as much as they have the right to decline moving forward with us. Of course, when we decide not to take things forward, we get bashed as "liars" or "game players" or "manipulators who play with women's feelings."
  11. Thanks for posting this. I like having connections with the women I spank. I look for a sense of humor and intelligence mainly. Nothing is more of a turn off to me than trying to talk to a potential ee and all of her answers are one or two words. Bratting is okay, but there's a fine line between playful bratting and being an entitled, judgemental bitch (for lack of a better word). Brats are fine, bitchy women can keep walking. I also look for people who are willing to invest in communication prior to meeting. Safety was brought up in a previous response, and that is a two way street. As a top, romance scammers are a big issue, and as a 50-something spanko, scammers are literally everywhere on these sites. So I'm happy talking for a month or so before arranging a meet. Weeds out the romance scammers. One thing I try and convey in my discussions with potential spankees is that I know they are someone's daughter, sister, cousin, etc. And I do guage their replies to determine if they understand that I'm someone's son, brother, etc. That's a very important element to me when I engage with a potential ee.
  12. I worked in politics for several years. I left the business because it's dirty and toxic. No matter how lofty and noble the carefully manicured speeches sound, that whole arena is built on hatred and the people running for office are unrepentant narcissists. This applies to both sides of the aisle. I'm now an unaffiliated Independent voter. Everyone should have their views on politics and express them. A word of advice from a former insider though is this, "don't let it consume you."
  13. Am I the only ER on here who can hear an EE rolling her eyes over the phone?

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    2. FemSpankeeNeedsRTSpanker


      Roling eyes from a spankee doesnt make the spanker incompetent...nor does it make all spankees to be real or fake in this lifestyle...everyone one acts differently to certain situations...The spanker who is dealing with that spankee is the one to make that discision to who is serious and real to what a spankee is seeking.

    3. DaChief


      Most of the time they eye rolls are all part of the game. 

    4. MichiganHeadmaster
  14. I'll double down on the comments about people not reading profiles. I have it clearly spelled out on most of these sites that I don't spank other guys, but about 80 - 90% of my inbound pm traffic is from guys looking for another man to spank them. I know we tend to single out the men in these discussions, mainly because they tend towards aggressive and crass behavior, but I'll mention that women can be guilty of this also. About 50% if the women who contact me ask me questions which have already been answered in my profile. Women are more subtle than men with this, as a rule, which is likely why it isn't mentioned as often. That said, this trend of people not reading profiles is fairly universal.
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