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  1. Howdy and welcome from your neighbor to the south. I hope the Sox make it this year. Not a Sox fan myself, though. I'm one of those rebels who roots for the Mets, but I treat Bosox fans with respect. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that. 😁 😆
  2. Definitely read the safety guidelines on this website. There's no doubt in my mind you were contacted by creeps, there's no avoiding that I am sorry to say. Learning how to filter them out is key. The best way to do that is to communicate with people online for a bit. Someone who wants to meet with you right now!!! is a problem, so block that person if you need to. An ethical spanker will be just as happy to spank you in September or October as they would be to spank you next week, so take your time. Don't let anyone browbeat you into a meeting. You'll eventually be contacted by guys who will
  3. My shortlist, also in no particular order: Drunks, decaf coffee, bumper humpers, being talked over, manipulative shit bags, the New York Yankees, whiners, General Motors, Steam (the company), bees. I can add to this as needed. 😁
  4. My experience with guys who proclaim themselves "professional disciplinarians" or whatever has been less than positive. I live in close proximity to NYC, and there is an active kink scene here, so that may make a difference than in more rural areas. My experience, however, has been that the men calling themselves "pros" were generally outcasts from the mainstream community and using their proclamation of being a "pro" as a dodge to obtain access to victims. Two come to mind with that. One was back around Y2K. He was a guy who had a habit of trying to inflict as much pain as possible from S
  5. This reply of yours should be some type of pinned post, given the flood of ads hitting the site lately. Look, I get it, people spent a year or more pent up in their homes with Covid. Now that vax rates are up and society is reopening a lot of spankos are trying to make up for lost time. Add in that FetLife has become a wasteland of Onlyfans models, and people trying to meet others are now are coming here to post ads, because this is the logical next choice. I suppose the deluge of ads will cease in a month or two when people feel "normal" again, but a point Child of Lights tries to make
  6. Men tend to write the ads they want to see, not the ads women want to see, which is why they typically get no replies. The word "ad" is short for "advertisement. The first thing they tell people working on Madison Ave. is "know your audience." 'Nuff said.
  7. This will probably only make sense to people who play Skyrim. Remember sweet Ysolda in Whiterun? Something many players might have missed is that "sweet" Ysolda is actually a little thief stealing from the market stalls when she can (no really, look at her settings in the Creation Kit). And how should Jarl Balgruuf deal with the young lady if she's hauled into Dragonsreach by the guards on a petty theft charge? 🙂 I have my own ideas, but let's see what the peanut gallery comes up with. 😉
  8. Thanks. I wish you were local too. I like and respect a great deal of what you post here. As things stand I'm not planning any extended travel until Fall. If I find myself heading towards your area, may I DM you?
  9. I posted a few months back as the vax campaign was rolling out. I understand some folks might have had concerns at the time, so I figured it was worth a repost, now that I'm fully vaccinated and I suspect others are also. So about me, I'm 100% spanking Top. No switch games. I enjoy spanking the ladies; sorry guys, I am not interested. I enjoy spanking at all levels of play, so curious newbies are as welcome as the seasoned veterans. Hand spankings are the most devine part of what we do, and I love giving them. I also have a healthy selection of implements, for those so inclined. I'm 6' 5" a
  10. What killed it those last few months was one single lonely, horny dude. The guy was posting more or less daily, with only a few exceptions. He always posted ads in pairs, and he had like 3 or 4 different accounts. He was sometimes posting 6 or 8 ads a day so after about 9 months he had literally taken over the whole board. That board served the entire US, all of Canada, all of the UK and there were ways people in the Republic of Ireland could get ads on there. So, 4 different countries on both sides of the Atlantic, but 8 out of every 12 ads on the first 10 pages or so were all from one dude i
  11. That was a great board. I made some connections there over the years. Sadly, the last 9 or 10 months it was up it went downhill. ☚ī¸
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