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  1. Let’s talk!

  2. I am from Indianapolis, send me a PM
  3. Always good to see more Hoosiers
  4. Hi I have been out of the scene for a little bit. I am looking for a bad girl who needs spanked. I am in the Indianapolis Indiana Area.
  5. Really depends on what the spankee needs. I really don't need a reason but if they do I will use it.
  6. I looked into you after we talked. Multiple profiles on sites under different names. Telling people in a local group that you moved to Florida. Seems really fishy.
  7. Be careful with this one guys, she is some type of scammer. She was in several groups in my area and lies.
  8. I find that for every 10 or so fakes, I find someone who really needs my help.
  9. I am an experienced Spanker located in Indianapolis. I am looking for women who need a little structure in their life. If you are in need of a mentor and confidant please we should chat. I respect all limits.
  10. The spankee stops fighting and lets go. You know when it happens, it is a complete change in the spankee's attitude.
  11. I am based out of Indianapolis area. If you are interested.
  12. I live in Indianapolis and would be happy to speak with you.
  13. That does seem extreme. Did you come up with this list or your spanker? Spoon with corner time is probably as much as you can handle. You have to be real careful with soap. Only a few brands have no chemicals in them that can hurt your throat. Seriously spanked black and blue? I would say run as well.
  14. Your general location would help if you are looking for someone local.
  15. I am an experienced spanker and I can respect limits. Whether you want hand paddle or belt I can guarantee you will leave feeling rewarded.
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