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  1. Been a LONG time.. Just wanted to say Hi

  2. Hi there. I'm Sadeskid's Mom/ER and I know she has been talking to you about coming to our AP community. I would love to talk to you about it and answer any questions you may have. I see from looking at your profile wall that there was/is some kind of problem with your PMs and so that's why I'm writing here :) Normally I would send a message such as this via PM. 

  3. I've tried to answer your messages a couple times and they won't go though; not sure why

    1. kitteh


      Hmm I thought that would have gotten fixed in the thing they did but apparently not.

    2. OtkNbare


      I see every one of yours, none of mine go through


    3. DifferentialP


      I responded to your PMs a few times and they would disappear. I hope things are good with you. 

  4. Hi, i received your message. Get back to me

  5. Jeffy's banned for having such little faith in Kitteh's dead fish delivery system......
  6. Ready is banned for mistaking promises for threats.... ((((((ready))))) that's a hug for poor silly misguided ready...
  7. The fishes ban jeffy....they never asked for any bedfellows.
  8. I reiterate all congratulatory remarks on your new job. w00t!!!! My background is in early childhood ed. I have some personal experience with the developmentally disabled but not in an institutional setting. The median turnover rate for both ece and direct caregiver jobs is notoriously high.... Part is pay,to be sure... But it is also a very demanding job physically mentally and emotionally, it can be easy for some to get bogged down by the demands of the mundane. I think by doing what you are doing you are shining a light for everyone around you there...just remember to recharge the batteries
  9. Kitteh on behalf of all that is holy and good not only bans ready but implores her for the love of cheezits to not insult said cat on public forum...he, (*looks over shoulder cautiously) might be reading this right now... Who knows what he might do then...hell hath no fury like a slighted feline.
  10. Kitteh's awesome bilingual cat bans ready for not opening the door for him so he didn't have to stretch so high to open it himself, also he bans her for that time she made fun of his slight increase in girth.
  11. Woobie is banned for giving herself a scatological label at the end of a very stressful day in which she was very brave. Something similar happened to me once at my job n I had a panic attack in the bathroom after...I may have issues with unwanted touching from people twice my size...but still I'd like to think it would be unnerving at the least for anyone....
  12. Jeffy's banned because the flying monkeys I trained to go to his house with offerings of monkey bread and tea could not find him because of his misleading name...one of the monkeys even spilled a spot of tea on his blazer...those are dry clean only I'll have you know...
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