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  1. Hello, I am still looking. Tell me about yourself, and your needs. Sir
  2. Hello. Just saw your posting. I'm in Boulder. Spanker. Chat? See if we click. Sir
  3. Looking for Discipline.
    The first step is the hardest.  Realizing you need it and asking for help.   I can help.  Discipline is critical, if you can't motivate yourself, I will.  And I will hold you to your goals and enforce consequences if you fail.  Usually I provide reminders, along the way as well.  Sometimes a session up front to help you get onboard with the idea.
    I can help you define your goals, but you need to embrace them and make them yours.  Realizing that you are making a commitment to yourself and to me as well.  I will work with people who are willing to be completely honest with me, and themselves.  That is sometimes hard. 
    I often start with one goal, help make a plan for it.  Then set a structure that you will meet.  I will also define and describe the consequences of failure.   Those include you being over my knee for spanking on your naked ass.   Discipline hurts.  But it can be a relief as well.   I have a variety of methods, some more intense for learning a lesson, some less so, more gradual building up that tend to help you brain focus and move into a comfortable mental release.
    Are you ready?  Questions?  Ask whatever you want or are worried about.  We can start your training as soon as your concerns are satisfied.
    Generally my trainee's address me as Sir.
  4. Good luck in your search!

  5. Hello, I would be happy to discuss helping you turn your fantasy into reality. And a great release.

  6. I am a WM spanker, looking for more clients interested in exploring the ultimate release through spanking therapy. Fit, reasonably good looking, and professional. Boulder Denver area. I am looking for mostly women, but men as well if they are truly interested or in need. Age does not matter, nor does physical condition. Although those in a unhealthy shape are likely going to be "encouraged" to take better care of themselves. Therapy is provided not as part of a sexual encounter, although, history shows that the emotional release of a painful therapy session can produce a state where orgasm is likely. It is not discourged, but I will not participate. Spankees may bring their own sexual release aids if the want. Bend over and submit to what you need.
  7. My two cents. Stress relief spankings I administer are longer, more gradual, ending in very intense spanks that are as hard as the spankee can take. The goal is to build up the pain while at the same time bringing the spankee into a complete sense of submission and surrender to my hand. Their emotions and endorphins begin to float and as the spanking intensifies they are pushed to focus more and more on the building pain, their blood flowing to their ass and their mind robbed of the ability to be anywhere else. Ultimately, the pain breaks through with tears, attempts to escape, (which are firmly controlled), possible orgasm and complete mental release from their stress. It is usually given with out much talk or communication. There should be much less soreness than a disciplinary spanking, but a long lasting mental calmness. Disciplinary spankings, on the other "hand" (pun intended) are aimed at instant pain and resulting in immediate connection with the action/misbehavior that is being addressed with the punishment. Unfortunately, they often result in more bruising, as the warm up is much shorter, and the ass, much less ready to receive. I want there to be a direct connection to the misbehavior, which I am speaking about at the time the spanking is given. Because of the spanking intensity, disciplinary spankings are generally shorter, but maybe more often. They usually result in soreness over the next few days and visable results of the discipline.
  8. Are you looking to experience the incredible relief that comes with a spanking? No, maybe you haven’t done anything wrong, and this isn’t about being horny. It is about a release of the stress in your life. To open up the gates and let those things that are stressful in your life flow out of you. Being over my knee will set your day back in order… being dominated…as therapy. There is nothing better than spanking. A release for everything you have been holding inside. Receiving a spanking hurts! Yet, it’s for you. Spanking brings on a calm. Focus on each stinging smack and release all of my stress and fear. You will be totally focused on the NOW. Each smack as it comes, the seconds in between while you are waiting for the next one. There is no way to hold in any thoughts, other than the present. The rest of life will fade when you are being spanked. Maybe your need comes from your life feeling out of control. Maybe because you spend every moment being in so much control that you can’t get away from it. Maybe you are having a really hard time dealing with everyone and everything. Spanking shakes all of that up, over my knee. Completely vulnerable. Free to let go. It will let you refocus and move forward with a new outlook. I will provide what you need. Caring for your tears. And then letting you go, free from guilt and flushed of what was bothering you. This is not about sex. If you do end up getting turned on, as some do. You can take care of yourself after the spanking or later on in private. I will watch, but not participate.
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