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  1. Love your photo, my favorite position.

  2. Would love to experience a good paddling from you.

  3. I too want to cry when getting a spanking. I hope to find a male mentor whom I am comfortable with and who can help me break and cry for him during the spanking. Any males in Fort Worth area want to help me work on it?
  4. Hi - So great to hear of a male that will discipline another male. We definately need more men like you as mentors and disciplinarians.

  5. Unfortunately for me that is often true. Personally I prefer that all spankings be for punishment so for me I do not want control. I could have avoided the spanking by not misbehaving once I have misbehaved and the disciplinarian is aware of it my butt belongs to him. When he tells me to bend over my control has left and the only control I have is to keep my butt in place to feel the punishment.
  6. Sure could use a good spanking!

  7. Hi Aslyn, Welcome to the site, hope you find what you need and want!

  8. She did a good job, however due to the seriousness of the violation I do think you deserve at least one more real hard butt busting.
  9. Glad to hear that it still hurts a lot, sounds like she knows how to administer true punishment.
  10. Welcome to the board. I would love administering a good padding to you!

  11. I need a good spanking desperately. I keep looking in Fort Worth but so far no one has stepped up to give me one.
  12. Hi, there,

    thanks for adding me as a friend!

  13. Hi, I would like to experience a paddling from you.

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