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  1. Babe, send me a message on my phone as soon as you read this, if you want too start your therapy early today...



  2. Did your mom ever spank you with a belt, or a peice of a hose? Please explain!!
  3. No, but I bet you have seen the womans room a bunch of times!
  4. Oh, yeah, I forgot too mention that I live in Philly, Pa!!

  5. I am a 32 year old male, that would love too get you naked, and bend you over a desk and than take my belt off, and spank your ass, until you cry, and than I will keep going until you start too wail, than I will stop and rub your bottom down, and make you feel better!! Andy 484-753-4387

  6. I will be riding by the Art Musuem in one Hour, will you be home? Send me a text if you will be home? 484-753-4387


  7. I would love too spank your bottom, with my leather strap, I do live in Philly though! So, if you would like too come play with me, than give me a call on my cell phone at 484-753-4387... Andy

  8. I am interested in you??? I am willing too go no where, but Philly, Pa.. Sorry about that!! But, it depends on where you live... Andy 484-753-4387
  9. Hey babe, where do you reside?

  10. I live in Philly, Pa.. And I sure would not mind spanking your bare bottom with my belt!!

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