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  1. Howdy fellow spankos

    I've been a member of this site for some time, but I was away for quite a while. Retired recently, so have some free time on my hands. So I've been lurking around trying to scratch my spanking itch. Hope I haven't been too annoying. I consider myself a switch, because I got started spanking young ladies in high school, before I even knew what a fetish was. It was great fun, and I think back to those times and wonder what those gals must have thought, and if any of them enjoyed it. They didn't put up much resistance. Of course in todays world I would end up in jail, maybe even on the news. Of course during this time I had a deep seated want to be spanked also. Got married very young, and confided in my young bride my interest. At first she thought it was no big deal, even made a paddle out of a bread/cutting board. I'd spank her (she didn't care for that) and I let her spank me. I found out a spanking in your mind is much different than the real deal. So I didn't like it all that much myself, so when it started to really hurt I'd stop her. Still inside I had this desire to get a real spanking from a woman that would not care whether I wanted it to stop or not. To make a long story shorter, our marriage went south for many reasons. And toward the end she started to use the spanking thing as a shaming tool. It was pretty affective. Of course this was all before the internet, so as you spankos that are of this era know how alone and isolated one could feel. To compound things I live in a remote area, and everyone one knows everyone's business. I certainly didn't want folks to find out about my dirty little secret. When I did go to the city a discovered spanking magazines, Nu West, Shadowlane, what a revelation that there where others like me out there. Still I struggled with it. Seventeen years ago I got married again, to a wonderful, but beyond vanilla lady. I joke around about spanking with her, and we even play lightly. Still she is small and timid, and after the previous debacle of reveling myself in total, I've declined to go down that road. From time to time over the years I have managed to get spanked by ladies who charge a fee for such services, I have no problem with that although the rates have gotten a bit rich. Market demand no doubt. So nowadays I wonder around different spanking sites looking for thing that spark my interest and the hope to meet and share with other kindred spirits. So if you see me around, this is who I am and what I'm about. If you read this thanks, hope to get to know some nice people.
  2. Introducing my problem

    I have found that self spanking is better than no spanking at all. I do get some satisfaction, and a pretty red behind. That said, I certainly miss the mystery and anticipation of having a top in charge of things.
  3. Female you would most like to be spanked by?

    There was a woman in the old NuWest videos that would spank Debbie. She wore this dark blue dress with a lace collar. I've always dreamed of being put over her knee for a good blistering.
  4. Deleteing searches

    Thanks for your help. Tried that, doesn't seem to work either. Have tried deleting searches in my browser, it seems like only searches from here SN, and Spanking Tube are migrating over to other vanilla sites search fields.
  5. Deleteing searches

    I have noticed that my searches from SN are showing up on other sites search fields. Can anyone tell me how to clear these. Thanks
  6. Hi again, I was wondering if the hairbrush spankings you got and the ones you gave where spontaneous, or where they more of the rituals some spankos associate with old fashioned traditional discipline ?  I have also thought a bit about your statement about how you liked to spank females because they tended to respond more in terms of crying.  I and many other men bottoms wish they could be spanked to the point where we could also feel that release.  I believe that is why I tend to think about being spanked as a young boy by a maternal female figure, because somewhere deep inside I long to recreate some connection I associate with that experience.  Would really enjoy having a lady friend I could share these thoughts with.  Thanks again. Roger

  7. Over the knee position more embarrassing?

    I love being over a ample female lap for a good no nonsense spanking. I can't imagine it any other way.
  8. Two separate lives

    I do some self spanking, it's a quick & easy fix. Not perfect, but I find it helps some. Of course I don't think it's as good as being over the knee of a experienced spanker, but sometimes I find it helpful. And I don't thin your a lone.
  9. glad it worked out for you

    1. Newbie45


      What worked out?

  10. Yes, it certainly is easier said than done. It can be like living in 2 different worlds.
  11. Writing Group

    I have always had a story idea about the spanko world, and the "real" people in it. Would be willing to share ideas.
  12. Hi Bottomsup, I have wondered the same thing for many years. I've had these thoughts from the time I was 12 or so. At times they were sometimes stronger, sometimes just occupying the back of my thoughts, when I had something that I was more focused on at the time. But still always there, an itch that you can't quite get at. And even if you do manage to scratch it, it always comes back, usually stronger. I find that the more time I spend looking at stuff on the computer that has to do with spanking, the more I'm almost consumed by it. I think that for what ever reason we have these feelings, it was a powerful enough experience in our lives that it triggered something in our thought patterns that no matter how bad it may have been, or hurt, it something that we desire because it was so altering. It has been proven that traumatic events physically transform our brains, leaving strong impressions, so the more we relive, or even fantasize about it, it reinforces this imprint. I know this is what happens to me. With my own life I just try and put it into perspective, there is only so much I can do to scratch this itch. I have many other things in my life, and know that this is just part of me, and really not the most important part, although it can seem that way sometimes. Truth be told, I'd rather not have this baggage to carry in life. But that boat left the dock a long time ago. I use to feel bad, and strange about being a spanko, but now I know it's just part of who I am. But just part, a secret part, a big part, but not the most important part. Take comfort in the fact you are not alone, before the internet, it was much worse, making many feel isolated. The flip side to that is it gives us so much more stimulus to deal with and fuel our thoughts. Good luck, and hang in there. A kindred spirit
  13. I like to spank and be spanked

    And what flavor of spanking do you like ?
  14. What female celebrity would you like to spank you?

    Angie Harmon
  15. Anybody heard this one?

    so a walrus, a dog and a grasshopper walk into a bar, the bartender says to the grasshopper, "hey, we have a drink named after you", to which the grasshopper replies, "why would you have a drink named Steve".