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  1. Spanker/Spankee looking to find spanking friends in St. George Utah area, I have some experience, mostly with otk hand spankings and hair brushes. offering my spanking services to the area for both males or females who are in need of a little discipline or want to feel less guilty about a past event or just need a good spanking in general. view my profile, contact me. I am always looking for new friends with same interests as me but am also willing to be a disciplinarian as needed. as my profile says, I am trust worthy, am not into any sort of sexual act in spankings what so ever so don't bother asking me for those sorts of things. spanking is a discipline tool, not a sexual pass time. I also enjoy engaging in fun role plays if any one is interested in those sorts of things. <3 LittleRJ <3
  2. hello!, sorry i didnt get back to you sooner, had complications with my pass word. thank u for the friend request. do you use msn? or yahoo messenger? its most easy to catch me on those than anything else.

  3. Thank you ever one who has added a few links to our little spanko chain, if any one else has some more they know of that have not been listed or linked, please by all means feel free to add all you know!
  4. I would like to start a chain of other spanking places on the web to find, chat, and meet other spankos in the world. would like to ask every one to list any other social networking sites they know of to help others find that special spanker or spankee. I know its difficult to find the "right" spanker or spankee. and i for one have no idea where to look and am sure there are many others out there who are in the same boat i am. so lets help each other out and make a nice, long list of alternative places to seek spanking friends. the only other one i know of is: "SpankoLife.com" im sure there are many, many more out there!
  5. i read your thing about depression and the study in russia, i too have read that, but i am plagued with bipolar depression, and trust me there is no "cure" for it, i have yet to experience if the spanking helps but i am very optimistic about it, just need to find the right person to trust, an where i live thats the hardest part, if u wana chat more u can see my profile "LittleRJ"

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