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  1. Hi all, I've been checking in regularly, again, but I have not posted in a while. 2020 has presented some challenges to say the least, I hope you all have been careful and safe, and have been able to endure all that's come our way so far. I don't know about you all but I most definitely need the calm and centeredness that giving a spanking brings me, and I need that connection again. How to navigate this with COVID? That's the question isn't it. Maybe we can chat, see if our needs and desires match up and go from there? I check the site again fairly regularly but that can chan
  2. I'm curious if any ees would like to meet when I make it up there? I'll be in Everett specifically, well for a day. I'll probably stay on Queen Anne Friday and Saturday night, return to Portland Sunday evening some time. I'd love to chat before I head up in March, maybe we can set something up, even coffee? Thanks and hope you all have a wonderful spank-filled 2020, I know I need to give a lot more this year.
  3. Has spanking gone out of fashion, is there another way people are connecting? It's so strange, I wonder if maybe there is/was a larger issue at play and maybe we've missed it?
  4. You are a doll, thank you for saying this, it means a good deal to me.
  5. I am seeking a female who is in need of some discipline. You need a spanking, perhaps some corner-time as well. I prefer this to be ongoing and about helping you achieve some goals, restoring order to your life but, I am also interested in meeting to spank you once. I have experience, I am open to meeting beforehand and discussing the particulars of what you want and need, and what I need and want. I prefer this to be an authentic spanking, two adults meeting to spank because it's what we want and desire. I know this isn't much to go on, and I'm happy to share more if you email me.
  6. Hello - It's been ages since I was on here and, not quite as long since I've given a proper spanking. I thought I'd revisit and say hello, see if anyone else in Portland was around. Hope you're all well, and would love to chat or more with locals. M/46 and play when I can.
  7. Late to the game, but welcome. And yes, shygurl is wise.
  8. newbie64 - Thanks for your input, as with most things I write, revisions are almost always in order. But I think it's safe to say that if a few paragraphs is too much to read for someone, then no, I am not the mentor for them.
  9. As a mentor and disciplinarian I’d like to be someone you can confide in, someone whose opinion you seek and value. Together we will set goals for you and then I will help you figure out how best to reach them. I will hold you accountable to the agreements we make, and if you fail to keep an agreement or do the work we've agreed on, I will discipline you. While you will do all of the hard work, I will provide you with different ways to look at things and with ideas on how to make the changes you need. I won’t always agree with you or tell you what you want to hear but I will think about what y
  10. Is looking a status or a state?

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