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  1. I'm curious if any ees would like to meet when I make it up there? I'll be in Everett specifically, well for a day. I'll probably stay on Queen Anne Friday and Saturday night, return to Portland Sunday evening some time. I'd love to chat before I head up in March, maybe we can set something up, even coffee? Thanks and hope you all have a wonderful spank-filled 2020, I know I need to give a lot more this year.
  2. Has spanking gone out of fashion, is there another way people are connecting? It's so strange, I wonder if maybe there is/was a larger issue at play and maybe we've missed it?
  3. You are a doll, thank you for saying this, it means a good deal to me.
  4. I am seeking a female who is in need of some discipline. You need a spanking, perhaps some corner-time as well. I prefer this to be ongoing and about helping you achieve some goals, restoring order to your life but, I am also interested in meeting to spank you once. I have experience, I am open to meeting beforehand and discussing the particulars of what you want and need, and what I need and want. I prefer this to be an authentic spanking, two adults meeting to spank because it's what we want and desire. I know this isn't much to go on, and I'm happy to share more if you email me.
  5. Hello - It's been ages since I was on here and, not quite as long since I've given a proper spanking. I thought I'd revisit and say hello, see if anyone else in Portland was around. Hope you're all well, and would love to chat or more with locals. M/46 and play when I can.
  6. Late to the game, but welcome. And yes, shygurl is wise.
  7. newbie64 - Thanks for your input, as with most things I write, revisions are almost always in order. But I think it's safe to say that if a few paragraphs is too much to read for someone, then no, I am not the mentor for them.
  8. As a mentor and disciplinarian I’d like to be someone you can confide in, someone whose opinion you seek and value. Together we will set goals for you and then I will help you figure out how best to reach them. I will hold you accountable to the agreements we make, and if you fail to keep an agreement or do the work we've agreed on, I will discipline you. While you will do all of the hard work, I will provide you with different ways to look at things and with ideas on how to make the changes you need. I won’t always agree with you or tell you what you want to hear but I will think about what y
  9. Is looking a status or a state?

  10. If ever, you will be the second person to know.

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