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  1. D/D relationships such as mine, have implied consent and i use it when I have to.
  2. Anyone ever heard of not getting a spanking because they dose not consent ? i say it's a bunch of bs. If they need a spanking they will get one and shouldn't have misbehaved in the the first place. how else is it going to work out.
  3. Of course.  Anytime I think I can get away with something.cartoon-bratty-brunette-white-boy-making-a-funny-face-by-toonaday-56315 (1).jpg

  4. Hello , how would you like to discusss this issue, drop me a line dear.
  5. What is it you want ? maybe i can help you.
  6. drop me line hon we'll discuss it. julia
  7. hello,any posibility your near chicago?

  8. hello, would you like to chat?

  9. do you eber vist fworwidas?

  10. Hey there. 26 year old male looking for my first spanking - been intrigued and interested for years and have never been on the receiving end. send me a shout at Natrb08@yahoo.com

  11. Hi, im a female from ct who's looking for a female to give me a discipline spanking. Any interest? email me at shea050388@yahoo.com if ya can :)

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