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  1. Hello to all of my fellow spanking enthusiasts! It's been awhile since I last posted. Here's a bit about me. I am an experienced spanker and disciplinarian from NE Ohio. I'm a bit older, in my early 50's now. Wow. I'm about a half hour south of Canton and also just a bit longer away from the Ohio, PA and WV border. I don't mind driving either, so just about anywhere between Cleveland and Pittsburgh are within reach. I am seeking naughty young ladies of any age, legal of course. Your experience or lack there of is of no issue. This is a come as you are party. You will be a
  2. Spankings for deserving female bottoms expertly applied. I'm seeking those in need of the kind of correction and one on one attention that used to be given to naughty children many years ago. Your experience level doesn't matter but your sincerity does. I'm in my mid 40's and have been at this for over 25 years. You can rest assured that you are in good hands. I am in the Carrollton-New Philadelphia- Canton- Steubenville area but will travel some to meet you. Email me at punishu@live.com so that we can talk about you and your spanking needs.
  3. Spankings for deserving female bottoms expertly applied. I'm seeking those in need here in eastern and northeastern Ohio for regular disciplinary sessions. Honesty and sincerity is a must as we will 'get to the bottom' of all of your disciplinary and spanking needs. I'm a 20+ year disciplinarian, spanker, and friend that cares. Lets talk about you now. My email address is punishu@live.com
  4. punishu

    NE Ohio

    Spankings for the deserving female expertly applied. Seeking someone for regular sessions in the eastern and north east areas of Ohio.I enjoy spanking, discipline and of course dominating you. Let's get started. punishu@live.com
  5. punishu

    NE Ohio

    Spankings expertly applied to female bottoms in Eastern and North Eastern Ohio, just the way Dads used to do. I employ any and all traditional methods of discipline including cornertime for those in need of some juvenile style "justice". I'm great with first timers as well as those well seasoned at this. I'm near Canton as well as New Phila and Steubenville to the east. Anyone in this region is closeby. I can host or travel, it doesn't matter. I'm for real and a life long spanko. I'm in my early 40's for those that age matters to, but it matters not to me as long as you are of legal age.
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