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  1. You NEED this discipline, it seems, more than most. If you truly want to abandon the kinds of attitude which let you chuck goals, ignore a plan, and then get stroppy and smart-mouth about being punished, you have to go with the program, as it were. If you want to just carry on with a undisciplined lifestyle and turn into some kind of slob-girl then, yes, give up. Giving up is easy. Hitch
  2. The administrators may begin to lose patience with you, wildman1, if you persist in flooding the forum with identical messages. This is abuse of the site's facilities. This is a fair warning. The moderators may not be so gentle. Hitch
  3. In my case, no. Never. I cannot, of course, speak for others. Most definitely. Once re-aroused, the desire to repeat the experience is heightened. My Lady determines how long to thrash me based on what She thinks I deserve. The fact that I have climaxed means that She knows I am being properly punished. Extra pleasure for Her ? Almost certainly. Hitch
  4. Whoa, whoa, man ! Not so manic, please. - The first place to post (with a little less capitals, possibly) is in our "Local Groups" forum, which is designed specifically for people to make contact within their own local area. Repeat posting the same thing in the wrong place will only give the moderators apoplexy and may get you cautioned. Otherwise, welcome to the SN site and I hope you find what you seek. Hitch
  5. Excellent. - In the UK and Ireland, the age of consent in all matters sexual and social is, in fact, 16. However, a website must comply with the legislation effective in the country where it is hosted. SN is hosted in the US, so you acted correctly. Of course, there is nothing in the operating characteristics of most sites (including SN, regrettably) which prevents a minor masquerading as an adult. Hitch
  6. I agree. I think we've got the classic, show-biz, early-teen-success syndrome, here. - Didn't she actually get an on-screen (light) spanking in "The Parent Trap" remake ? I remember Hayley Mills doing so in the 1961 original ! Young girls who go off the rails in the way that Lohan has are probably beyond salvage by the time they're in their 20's. The future doesn't look bright for her. She's a fan of Monroe and looks like going the same route. Hitch
  7. I think we all need to respect the fact that spanking is many different things to many different people. I see no evidence to suggest that the SN site is "frowning upon" those who regard spanking as a disciplinary measure. Indeed, the reverse sometimes appears to be so, with those of the sexual spanking persuasion often being taken to task for this. Live and let live. What all spanking devotees need most are unity, friendship and mutual support, whichever side of the sexuality fence they place their feet. Hitch
  8. This is a very interesting set of questions. - There are two issues, here: • 1. Being spanked past your threshold of pain. • 2. Being spanked beyond your climax moment. The first is more commonly encountered during a genuine punishment spanking and, as you say, it is an endurance matter which many a boy/girl has had to deal with, both as a child and at the hands of a mentor/spanker as an adult. It is a matter of what you can take - pure and simple. The second is a very difficult area. When you commence a session of spanking whilst sexually aroused, the objective of the spanking (of
  9. You already deserve a good hiding for spelling 'feedback' wrong . . . :lol: Hitch
  10. Exactly. Go with the flow. You can't impose constraints on your natural emotions. Hitch
  11. Well, OK. Amen to that. Don't know whether I could take the hair-do, though . . . Hitch
  12. Would it contravene National Security if we all knew it, CB ? ? :lol: :lol: Hitch
  13. Great post, cherrybuns. So many marital misunderstandings about TTWD might stand a fighting chance of being resolved if people would direct partners to this forum and demonstrate that it is: • More widespread than many imagine • Talked about freely • Not a valid reason to consign a marriage or long-term relationship to the bin Hitch
  14. The 'Local Groups' section of the forum might be your initial best bet. Hitch
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