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  1. Just a black nylon slip and I'm ready to go.
  2. I'm Herb and I am in Los Angeles with silver hair, hence the screen name. I am an older gent but still very active both on my creative side (theatre, music and writing) and with some business activities. I have been spanking women since I was in my teens (and they were girls then). I am married to a vanilla lady with two adult children and four grandchildren. (By the way, I never spanked my kids.) My spanking needs are very strong. My connections with spankees have of necessity been outside. I have had several long term spanking friend relationships but no one recently. I have had
  3. I don't have many people to tell this true story to, but I thought you all might find it interesting. Many of you have seen the famous spanking video from the Weeds television series. (If you haven't just google it!) The spankee was Mary-Louise Parker, and I loved watching it. Well, a week or so ago I saw a stage production of "Heisenberg" at the Taper Forum theatre in Los Angeles. The female star was...guess who. My seats, by the way, are in the front row. I could not keep my eyes off her jean-clad bottom the entire play!
  4. Looking for any existing LA spanking group or females looking to connect
  5. Lady Veronica: I regret that I am geographically undesirable. Perhaps if I need to flee to Canada to escape Trumpism, I can look you up. Herb
  6. I have been inactive for several years and am looking to renew. Are there any spanking groups in the LA area? Are there any with mature females interested in connecting with an interesting man who is very experienced?
  7. Lisa: Apparently we all need to make public proposals in order to communicate with you. I am in the Los Angeles area and make a great mentor...warm heart, strong hands. email me and let's chat. Herb
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