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  1. If done right, you could very well. It is very cathartic and leaves you with a feeling of warmth and being cared about and that you matter. And, gives you a bond with a person who you can trust.
  2. good job. I am 50, great shape, nice large home in East Sac. I spank girls also. No belt, just hand, hairbrush and paddle. Paternally. With consolation afterward. Good luck StrictinSac
  3. I understand and am very interested. Been a great Daddy for some time now. Contact me. White collar professional with lovely home, soothing voice, cultured, educated, handsome. Time for your spanking sweetheart.
  4. Hello Ms Quiet and Sassy. Love to. Mark, nice home in east Sac, gentle and nice good looking guy. Single. White collar criminal defense attorney. Would enjoy paddling your rear end young lady. 50 years old. Big and strong (but ver
  5. I'm Mark 49 swm professional, educated, big muscular man who is very gentle and consoling after the spanking. Would help you feel better sweetheart
  6. SacramentoMan


    Did you know that: Rose is a beautiful name; 48 is a great age; Getting a good spanking--even just being told about it on line--can make you feel better about yourself. Welcome Mark
  7. Looking for girls who need firm, but gentle, strict and caring spanking--always over the knee and mostly over the panties
  8. Yes, you would beneift. Tears would flow, and you would babble an apology. I always paddle over the panties by the way. I might peel them down a little for a peek, but that is it. After that, they go up and I spank spank spank
  9. Ready to put my considerable skills to use. 6 250 swm, professional, educated, caring and fatherly.
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