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  1. posting some love on your page .. a few 500 kisses and a couple of 890 hugs :)   hope to hear about you soon

  2. Good answer, AG. Don't misbehave, just ask. There are times when I love to be asked, although I know ee's prefer to be told, for the most part. Deliberate misbehaving to get a spanking is dishonest and not good for the relationship. It gets old.
  3. Stranger things have happened, little cricket!
  4. Slightly off topic here- people who walk and text make me nuts. Someone stopped dead in the middle of an intersection the other day completely oblivious to the traffic they were holding up- didn't even hear the honking. Has anybody looked at pedestrian texting videos? Holy mackerel!
  5. No, it doesn't. I go back to what I said originally. Do what you want. I don't know why you're still trying to convince me that distracted driving is safe. It is impossible to eliminate all all distractions, so a certain amount of common sense is expected and we eliminate those distractions over which we have control. Risk is risk, so amount of risk doesn't matter if it's a bad day. I personally urge anyone who engages in any kind of unsafe or distracted driving to stop it- it's stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid- selfish and careless. But it's your call. Yes, I do. Parking l
  6. Patrick....listening is passive, texting, including voice texting, is active. My question would be...why? What is so important that it's worth the risk? I don't understand the attempts to justify what boils down to careless, selfish behavior. But if you must, go for it. Just remember that you are entitled to the consequences. Unfortunately, the consequences may involve someone who didn't deserve them. Look at it this way...how would you feel if you- or someone you loved, were the collateral damage to someone else's careless, selfish behavior? Another unfortunate thing is, someone ma
  7. I think you know who you know who is... "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night (or bolted doors) stays these ER's from the swift ..you know what, you know who!!!
  8. I knew I liked you, AG. P.S. (don't worry about you know who...I got this!)
  9. Sorry Ramie. Wrong. Multitasking is a myth. The human brain cannot perform two tasks that require high-level brain function simultaneously. Additionally, talking to passengers in a car is also a frequent cause of accidents. Personally- I love my downtime driving. I love a technology break. Yes, I will use my blue tooth to take a call while driving, but I'm not a fan. Michgal, you've got it wrong. It's not about the sin, it's about being smart. You wanna text and drive? Go ahead. You wanna fiddle with your stereo? Go ahead. Just make sure that you are ready to deal with the r
  10. Here ya go... https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/hands-free-texting-is-no-safer-to-use-while-driving/
  11. Lol...Good for you! It was just hard to discern from your other posts that you had done all that work. Now, you just have to see if you can stay on top of things without 'topping'! I can be a Mama Bear sometimes- wanna keep all the cubs safe! Keep us posted!
  12. I like that you used the word 'claims'. You have no way to verify this at this point, unless he has been able to give you references and those people are willing to talk to you. For the moment, keep in mind that he is a spanker, and his intention is to spank you. He is ONLY a teacher in that he can teach you about spanking (maybe), or play the role of a teacher in a session. Do not elevate his status to anything other than that until you know him. People who bestow these titles on themselves sometimes do so to take advantage of those who may be vulnerable to those titles. Ask yours
  13. When you say you are meeting a tutor, do you mean that you will be role playing? Or do you mean that you are meeting with a disciplinarian? What you will discuss depends in part on what you have already exchanged in writing or on the phone. There should be follow up discussion to those exchanges, and you should be verifying information you have already. In the case of others being around and possibly overhearing your conversation, you can use euphemisms such as 'playing chess' or another game for spanking. Please read the posts about safety precautions. Additionally, Christy'
  14. Spanknutt, I make no assumptions whatsoever. Within this community, people are initially meeting on the Internet. If you belong to another community where you initially meet with people face to face in a group situation, and the title of mentor has a meaning that is defined and accepted there, fine. However, newbies to the lifestyle who have found this site generally don't have the benefit of introduction by another. They are on their own and have to wade through posts, and deal with PM's that ca n be intrusive, inappropriate, offensive, or even threatening. There are Ers who take ad
  15. This is a huge GRRRR topic for me. Ee's...DO NOT SEEK THE MENTOR! IT'S A TRAP!!!! Reality check...you are on the Internet. You have no idea who you are talking to, what qualifications they have to be any sort of 'mentor', and many on both sides of the paddle have been hurt trying to manage this kind of dynamic. Realize that most people who claim to be a 'mentor' have absolutely no qualifications at all to make this claim. There is no doubt that over time someone can earn the title of mentor within a relationship. But it is a title that is earned, and it is a title that is best
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