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  1. Interesting that guys in their 30's & 40's are interested in being mentored by a female in the 20's. Does someone that much younger tend to have that much life experience to assist others in maturing?
  2. m-m spankee here. Sometimes I need an authoritative, take no crap Disciplinarian & sometimes more of a Friend for "domestic parenting age play". I've been spanked by quite a bit younger, similar age, to much older. I thought the much younger would bother me, and that the spanking would be like a feather spanking. Once over the knee & my bottom end was being tanned, age was far from my concern. That was one of the harder spankings that I got early on in my discipline - spanking journey! Like several have mentioned above, for me it boils down to the person & their personality. I naturally respect people, so irregardless of age, I seem to be able to connect, as long as the other person is sincere & also respectful back.
  3. Good Question, Cheeky. It's actually a safety issue. Think Pink & then Red. I have a friend who someone paddled very hard, disregarding the white tissue & severely injured his tissue & it took weeks for it to heal. He couldn't tolerate sitting on a hard surface for weeks & he couldn't tolerate being spanked for over 6 mo. after that.
  4. thats a bummer. I am a man who would love to find a traveling spanker to spank me with a paddle. Hang in there & keep looking.... there are a few m-m spankers out there, very few.
  5. Seeking a Male Spanker (No Sex) Discipline or Role Play Willing to commute up to 125 miles +/-
  6. This post is primarily to the moderator(s) but perhaps the subject may interest others as well. The new format, while easier to use & stylish, seems to now permit the entire internet audience the ability to read ads & posts without being signed in members. I personally would prefer & feel safer when posting, if information would be password protected. All age groups should not readily be able to read all the info. For me, it took a long time to identify my sp. needs, let alone discuss them with others & I certainly don't want to openly share them with the entire world! Even the membership list is available without signing in. Moderators would you consider making the above changes? Does this concern anyone else?
  7. Hi All, A word of caution: Do not go to the link "Sp. of Life" in the links section, it wouldn't work, so I clicked it a 2nd time. It totally blew out my virus protection, was unrepairable & my pc had to be blanked out & totally reformatted.
  8. Laughing has happened to me several times, usually when being OTK. Initially, it was a surprise to even me, but I just figured it has something to do with getting my spanking needs met. Unfortunately, the spanker usually hasn't been amused, & I have sometimes gotten a harder & longer spanking than I had previously anticipated, with a longer sorer bottom, ...but oh those endorphins!
  9. Welcome to Spanking Needs SwitchyGuy. Enjoy. There are good people here.
  10. Ammon, How interesting. One of the reasons that I logged on today is b/c of a similar Google search & finding this thread there. I thought that since our group was password protected, that that kept us from being broadcasted all over cyberland. I would sure welcome explanations about how this happens & if there is anyway to avoid it! ..B.
  11. I hear you all on the fantasy posts, but people are all individuals with individual needs in how they experience & communicate their spanking needs. For me, I primarily just read now, & rarely post or reply to posts. There are those who repeatedly post & we male spankees are supposed to "just know" even though it's not in their posts that they just spank females. Some reply highly insulted that a male would ever contact them, making assumptions that something other than spanking is being sought. I'm also burned out on those who post to be m-m spankers, send a message or 2 & then drop off the face of the earth. Then, you see them post again seeking to meet someone. A part of me just wants to warn others not to bother about replying, as it seems their game is to post, post post, but do they ever really meet?
  12. Re: receiving the Belt, you definitely want it to stay on your bottom & not wrap around on your hips, as bruising can occur.
  13. Every spanko it seems whether spanker, spankee, male, female enter spanking communities with their own unique needs. As individuals, the type of spankings you seek to give or receive, gender you will meet with, body types, what implements, how long, how often, other limits are all things that need to be discussed in advance prior to meeting. All spankers & spankees need to discuss their spanking needs, limits, etc. prior to meeting. For me personally as a str8 guy, I seek authoritative males who believe in giving real spankings, will lecture, respect my need to receive spankings, are willing to listen & be sensitive to my needs: no sexual contact, like hand, paddle, belt but no cane. need a hug in the end. Some males for example may have a need to use a cane in every spanking that he gives. So despite gender preference, demeanor, etc. we wouldn't be a good match. The more flexible the spanker or spankee is in their limits, it increases their spanking opportunities.
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