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  1. I suppose one that smells like leather might fit the bill.
  2. I used to visit my spankee on her birthday just for this reason. She hated it but enjoyed the cuddling afterwards.
  3. Hello and welcome to SN, have fun.

    1. Katie26


      Thank you 

  4. Yes indeed, a little bit of aftercare goes a long way.
  5. Someone saw my photo on another site and said I looked rather stern which is what she was after.
  6. There are numerous groups to check out: Chicago Domestic Discipline Corporal Punishment and Correction Spanking and The Corporal Punishment of Females Spank you very much There might be even more but I haven't searched in a while.
  7. Some people would say that just thinking about the topic is a sin itself. It really depends on how strict your faith deals with such a thing. You won't be nude so I don't see why it should be an issue.
  8. Never got a chance to try that with my spankee, but It was something I had warned her about.
  9. We can't read your mind, so get to the point and tell us what you want/need.
  10. What other sites have you tried besides this one?
  11. xntrick

    Hi all

    Hi there, welcome to the site.
  12. Hello and welcome to the site.
  13. My spankee is a devout Catholic. Once day she asked her priest if it was ok that she got spanked. He told her that only her husband (she's single) should see her bare ass. Ever since that day she hasn't been the same person, such a shame.
  14. I passed out once and fell on my bottom which bruised up quite well, but the pain was just in that one spot. When I tried a paddle on me it was a much different sensation.
  15. It's normal to be nervous. It'll fade once you've done some reading and checked out the rest of the site.
  16. I'd try this website first, from there you can check on Fetlife.
  17. Some 'Brown Sabbath' while I check the new posts on here. Brown Sabbath - "Fairies Wear Boots"
  18. xntrick


    Such lovely eyes.
  19. xntrick


    A sub once told me exactly how to spank her so that she could get into subspace. This was impact play and her instructions were very good. Her eyes glassed over and she was in a trance like state for bit bit before being oblivious to anything around her.
  20. The problem is people can't stick to these guidelines. It's kid of like saying 'don't eat that' which is easier said than done. It's easier to change your eating habits when there is an alternate plan that is well laid out and easy to follow.
  21. I do a high fat/low carb diet which really helps curb my appetite as fat is full of flavor. I find that such a diet helps me avoid binges of sugary junk food, but this cold weather makes it challenging as there isn't enough sunlight to get vitamin D or to be outdoors. I also do intermittent fasting where I eat normal during an 8 hour window and fast for 16 hours. I used to do that once a week but eventually I was able to do it for 5 days. It keeps me lean year round with relative ease. Now I also have Saturday as my cheat day where I can have anything and I noticed that certain types of pizza will leave me in such a bad carb coma that I have a hard time focusing. Since cutting out sugar, I've also noticed i can't stand certain types of sweets in which sugar is the first ingredient on the list. The taste of so much sugar is repulsive to my taste buds which is a good thing. I have a great brownie recipe that has no flour or white sugar and is very tasty when I want a dessert. Here's the recipe if you're interested: http://eatdrinkpaleo.com.au/chocolate-brownies-that-blew-me-away/
  22. A submissive little who likes to be spanked is an interesting combination.
  23. That is very good news, congrats to you.
  24. Hello and welcome to the site.
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