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  1. yes spanking teen brandi was only paid $400 to 500 per scene to take a bare ass belt whipping ,while the web site made $100,000s off each scene plus the girls faces are out there forever
  2. spanks a lot for joining
  3. My sister got spanked bare added by dad till age 20
  4. I'll spank u anytime

  5. Greetings and salutations,

    Are you familiar with Moonburn?

    It's a spanking party that happens on the first Saturday of each month; it has a webpage: look for Moonburn spanking party in Los Angeles.

    Many of my friends are part of this; they are also part of Camp Red Tails that I have discussed in one of the forums on this webpage.

    Hope you are doing well; take care.

  6. ill spank you anytime jess ,im in so calif too
  7. swm seeks swf 18 to 49 for bare bottom spankings in so calif area,i can host also
  8. my older sister got spanked bare ass by dad till age 21
  9. a male spanks harder,and being seen bare butt by male adds to it
  10. you only get spanked by a female ??? not a male??
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