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  1. I'm looking for a daddy to take care of me, give me lots of spankings and have fun with. I have a mommy and need a daddy, I ageplay (I'm about 4-5). I'd love to chat with you.
  2. lol it keeps her busy, but I like to share it when she gives me permission. It also wears her out so there is that too lol mommy is 48 Kentucky guy lets talk, PM me
  3. yes lol it keeps her busy, but I like to share it when she gives me permission. It also wears her out so there is that too lol
  4. Are you the Pete I spanked a long time ago?  I am goodspnkns from Dayton.

    1. pete


      yes I am, it wasn't that long ago lol.

  5. I have been on this forum before, however it has been many years. Since then I have found many playmates and met some really great people. Now I am looking to find someone who can join my "mommy" and I for some spanking play or even discipline. She is a very experienced spanker and has a real knack for it. She has described my bottom as a "steel bottom", in that I can take just about anything. Looking forward to hearing from you. Let's get to know each other online until this pandemic ends and we can meet in person. Pictures available upon request.
  6. Hi, Thanks too cheeky, I really appreciate the support.
  7. Hi I havent been on here in awhile. I have met some great people here, and Im hoping to do that again. Im in Cincinnati OH looking for female spanking friends. Im really looking for a female led spanking relationship that can turn into more hopefully. The only thing is I dont drive. however I do have a completely open schedule. Ive been in the lifestyle for over a decade, and love it, every detail. Spanking is part of who I am, its part of me. Im so much more but I have finally accepted that I am a life long spanko, and I cant go without it. Im hoping my look can finally wnd here, this
  8. Im still currently looking for any male spankers in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I can host.
  9. hey Ed i would love to receive a spanking from you im off from mon-fri and i can host here at my house. im 27 and i love a good hard bare bottom otk spanking. please feel free to contact me. Pete
  10. looking for guy to give me a really good bare bottom spanking. I've usually been spanked by women, but it seems to get more complicated after that lol, so now im looking for a guy to turn me over his knee, and give me the spanking i have been missing out on for the last three plus years. I live in Cincinnati OH, i cannot travel, but i can host till late july. Before any spanking is given i need to chat with you first. Thanks Pete
  11. pete

    Mid West

    27 year old man living in Cincinnati OH who needs to have his bottom warmed by a maternal like woman, or just someone knows who to handle bad behavior, there are alot of things i want to correct, but it seems like i still need help getting there, for example i still back talk, get angry , and spend my money compulsivly. i need help and i believe this is where i can find it. I can be reached by email: pw11@ymail.com Phone- 513-405-6535 Thanks Peter
  12. thanks Marie24 i'll keep that in mind.
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