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  1. OhioF4203

    NE Ohio female

    Thanks but I meant it as no disrespect. Instead I mean it as a female who has been contacted by the same person more than a dozen times each time being told no. Maybe he needs to stop pushing me. I am submissive in many ways but my dominant side has had enough. I too have been in the “community” for years. Just because I haven’t posted or been actively seeking doesn’t mean I don’t know what things are about and who is more active than others. I wish everyone well but I ask that we not dwell on the fact that I have turned down too cheekys offer in a manner that people don’t like. I’m being firm and assertive, nothing more.
  2. OhioF4203

    NE Ohio female

    Too cheeky has been messaging me for years. Every time he messages me, I give the exact same response. I’m not sure how many more times I can politely say NO I’m not interested.
  3. OhioF4203

    NE Ohio female

    Correct I am looking for both, I am a switch which is why I am looking for both, yes you are too old, yes we have spoken in the past, and no I am still not interested. Thank you for your response though.
  4. OhioF4203

    NE Ohio female

    Seeking male or female spankers And male or female spankees must be local must have transportation must be available during the day or have the ability to host in the evening if you are a male spankee please be between the ages of 18-35 no exceptions! Spankers I prefer over the age of 30 under 55 if we have spoken in the past chances are I’m still not interested so don’t waste your time. Please speak in full sentences. Do not use text speak. If you cannot type out the word “are” or “you”, you are lazier than I am and need your hands slapped and a writing assignment. You must not do any drugs. no I am not 420 friendly or 180 savvy or whatever else people call things these days. I may seem a little bitchy about my likes and dislikes etc. that’s not the case, I’m just saving us both time. There may be more to add to this eventually. For now, let’s see who reads the entire post before messaging me.
  5. OhioF4203

    Ohio F seeking

    I have been active in the spanking world for years. I am seeking a strong M/F to provide discipline to me. If we have spoken in the past, it’s likely my answer to you will still be no. If we haven’t spoken yet, please feel free to message me. I am picky and seek only certain types of relationships/personalities. I am a switch so if you are a Female of any age or a male age 18-30 feel free to message me as well. If you are a male older than 30 and message me it’s likely I will just delete the message so don’t waste your time. Aside from that, I look forward to chatting with people on this site again.
  6. OhioF4203

    Looking for a First Spanking for my Behavior

    I do not travel for spanking only for family. I apologize that I don’t have any additional advice for you. Have you tried sites like Fetlife or Collarspace?
  7. OhioF4203

    Looking for a First Spanking for my Behavior

    I am a female disciplinarian. I am willing to help you however I am a little over an hour away. I would be willing to meet you halfway if you would like to talk about your transgressions and what makes you believE you deserve punishment. I am not looking for anything sexual and I do provide only no nonsense spanking sessions. Let me know if you are interested.
  8. OhioF4203


    Welcome back. I am still in the Akron area and still willing to chat
  9. OhioF4203

    New Here - Please Be Nice!

    Welcome. I am in northeastern Ohio. I would love to chat more some day
  10. OhioF4203

    Hi from Cincinnati!

    I am in the Akron area
  11. OhioF4203

    Midwest Mentor

    Where in Ohio is your school? Are you looking for a male or female disciplinarian?
  12. OhioF4203

    Mommy in Ohio?

    So this is a two part request. First, I am looking for naughty bottoms to spank. M/F in the Akron area of Ohio. You must be between 18 and 45. Any older just isn't for me. Second, I am looking for other FEMALE Spankers ONLY. (In Ohio of course). If you are male, I am not interested. Just FEMALES. Hope to hear from you soon!
  13. OhioF4203

    I'm Baaack! NE OH F returns

    Thank you all
  14. OhioF4203

    Women in Ohio who Spank?

    I am a switch and wouldn't change. I love having someone over my knee and I actually dread going over someone else's. I know I need it from time to time which is why I still submit with total reluctance. The problem I seem to have is space and time. I used to have a very hectic schedule which left only a day or two every three or four weeks to play. Now I have lots of days free but I am only free when my daughter is at school. It makes for a very limited schedule. Seeing as how most people work during the day. Anyway, just my two cents. We er's do exist its just not in the abundance some may like to see/ with the availability that most need.
  15. OhioF4203

    Looking for a Spanker

    Would love to chat. I am a female and available during the day for play.