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  1. DaveinMI

    Lock Down

    No! Your bottom is perfect. A little extra is exactly what I like!! And it doesn't look too big at all.
  2. What is the matter figure out I am too.old 

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    2. DaveinMI


      say what??? I ditched you because you talked to me? That makes no sense

    3. SassyMissy


      You won't talk to me on chat or pm 

    4. SassyMissy


      Oh well bye 

  3. Hello Dadyslilprincess1.  I'm a Daddy type spanker in MI.  I would like to chat with you and explore your needs and desires.  You can reach me here or at Paddler4774@yahoo.com.


  4. DaveinMI

    Another Selfie!

    it looks like you are a sweet young lady! 😘
  5. You are most welcome. It's a shame that we are on opposite sides of the big pond. Once the lock downs are I would have loved to meet you. 🤗
  6. DaveinMI

    Another Selfie!

    Your dress fits your "young" look perfectly. Even with you in makeup and looking somewhat older the dress would still look wonderful.
  7. I love your look, MaryJo. It's classy yet casual...a great brunch look! Dave
  8. I usually prefer using a smaller paddle for otk, following a warm up with my hand as I bare her bottom. For discipline my favorite is the tawse. Mine is 18" by 1 1/2" by about 3/8". It's a two tail with the tails 12' long and the ends cut at a 45 degree angle. It is double leather, folded over a D ring for hanging it and metal rivets fastening the two thicknesses together. The effect it has is multiple. The two thicknesses give that "slap" sound like a folded belt, and the leather warms as her bottom heats up. The two tails can often pinch her bottom and the angle-cut tips dig into her
  9. married in Michigan

  10. Hi, shy_pet. I got a message that you wanted to talk to me about discipline. I'll be waiting to hear from you. Let me know what it is about discipline that you would like to talk about. DaveinMI
  11. I agree that lexan can give an intense sting, but I have also noted one other aspect that makes me use extra caution. Compared to wood or leather inplements of similar size and shape, ................used with the same intensity of swing, I've found that lexan can more easily cause bleeding that other materials. It tended to pop small blood vessels in her bottom, or possibly "grip" the skin more tightly, causing small tears and abrasions. This may have something to do with the specific characteristics of my implements, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.
  12. I've used "corner time" on many occasions, but it was with a woman that I had gotten to know quite well. She and I were very open with one another, and most of her spankings were for stress relief rather than punishment. Over time, she told me about several of her issues, and I would make a point of remembering them. Her corner time was almost always part way through her spanking.......a small break between the warm up and "getting serious" time. (I loved spanking, and spanking her, and she knew it) After a couple minutes of silence, I would stand close to her and talk quietly to her in a
  13. Where are you, lovemydaddy? Are you looking for online help or real life contact?
  14. If you would like to talk, let me know.
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