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  1. Coach in IN

    Central Ohio

    I agree with shygurl, be very careful in meeting people. Talk on-line for a while, do a public meeting with a safety net and really understand that the person has YOUR best interest in mind and not just out to beat a young girls but for the fun of it. There are a lot of those kind of people in our world. If you have questions just ask!!! Coach Steve
  2. Is this still available to test? Please send links to me at Da_Coach4u@mail.com
  3. Coach in IN

    Disciplinarian in Indiana

    Do you need motivation to help with weight, drinking, smoking, language, financial issues, etc. Lets discuss your needs, discover your base line and set new goals. I can help you get serious about bettering yourself. Motivation is both positive (cheering you on, and affirming your good work) and negative (spanking your butt if you get lazy or obstinate) I travel IN, OH, KY, TN. Coach Steve
  4. Coach in IN


    I get to Cincinnati and Louisville fairly often.. Perhaps we should talk. Send me a PM and I'll give you an e-mail address. Coach Steve
  5. Coach in IN

    Advice for my first "punishment" spanking

    So, how is it going? Have you worked through this issue yet? I will be in Lafayette in January we could discuss this issue if you are interested. Let me know.
  6. Coach in IN

    Getting spanked to the point?

    Both the Spanker and the Spankee have to discuss this option and agree to attempt it as part of the spanking event. This can happen easier if it is discipline and the Spankee has real feelings of regret and shame over the issue they are being disciplined for. Just pain, rarely will bring an adult to the point of sobbing and tears. I have brought a spankee there 3 times so far and each time was true discipline for a real issue. Coach steve
  7. Coach in IN

    Life Coach in Indiana

    So, I have n't heard anything from you so far... Love to chat about your needs!!!
  8. Coach in IN

    Life Coach in Indiana

    Yes, I actually live close to Bloomington. Contact me at Da_Coach4u@mail.com and we can discuss your needs.
  9. Coach in IN

    Looking for a First Spanking for my Behavior

    I will be in Akron Feb 26 to Mar 1st. If you have not taken care of this by then, perhaps we could discuss it. PM me or send e-mail to Da_Coach4u@mail.com
  10. Coach in IN

    Advice for my first "punishment" spanking

    If you have not taken these thoughts and advice and followed up at this time. I would love to have a chat with you both and help you discuss this. i do life coaching and do use disciplinary measures when procrastination/laziness/obstinace or other issues keep a person from being successful. I do use a lot of discussion and corner time as discipline is not just about the pain or embarrassment, but needs to be about sorrow and guilt and understanding that you were wrong! I'll PM you my e-mail and we can discuss the issue. I do make it to northern Indiana quite often if you would like to have dinner and chat. Coach Steve
  11. Coach in IN

    I need spanked

    How far can you travel? I make it to Indy, Cincy, Fort Wayne areas fairly often, and do get to Dayton once a year. Perhaps we could chat about your needs.
  12. Coach in IN

    Life Coach in Indiana

    Ill be in Evansville Nov 28-30. And in Cincinnati Jan 9-10. Would one of those work for you?
  13. Coach in IN

    Life Coach in Indiana

    So sorry, I never get that far west!!! OH, IN, KY, TN only
  14. Coach in IN

    Life Coach in Indiana

    Always a safe word... But it may just be a temporary halt while we discuss the situation. Not a way to get out of what you have coming.
  15. Coach in IN

    Life Coach in Indiana

    I do make it to Louisville occasionally. Keep in touch....