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  1. Officially retired.

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    2. oklahomaspankee


      Woo hoo..congrats..

    3. bad girl 82

      bad girl 82

      Question is retired from what....

    4. bloomingflower


      Hopefully not from spanking or making implements!

  2. I'm downsizing! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7anA2qh7rt0OWFrSURXS2VBWmM Direct email please
  3. Various types of cream including arnica and aloe....the treatment can evolve into a regular massage if requested.
  4. The aftercare is possibly even more important than the spanking itself. Hugs, reassuring words, forgiveness, massage...what ever gives the 'ee reassurance that he/she is forgiven, and the slate has been wiped clean.
  5. You'd think there weren't any ees or ERS in Ohio.....or Pennsylvania, for that matter!!
  6. He predicted an early spring, but that doesn't mean much since he's accurate something like 15% of the time.
  7. I posted "Screen Time" a while ago as a way to curb/monitor use. Got nothing but a lot of static and backlash from folks who had trouble reading. My EE an I use it daily to keep her use in check.
  8. What kk said...the rules should be your guidelines on the journey to wherever it is you and your ER have mutually agreed upon. And best of luck!
  9. Would these make you behave? I know I said the shop was closed, but I had a special request!
  10. Store closed til mid-March when the workshop is warmer!
  11. Workshop closed until mid-March.

    1. Christy


      Getting to cold to make sawdust?

    2. shygurl


      C better be careful and not break anything!!

    3. oklahomaspankee


      Awe... Enjoy your off time

  12. On an extended hiatus.

  13. Nothing to see here folks. Just keep moving.

  14. left-handed protestant irishman....but again, idk how that's relevant
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