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  1. agreed... except in the case where someone says something that maybe that shouldn't have said, and then goes back to cover their tracks by erasing and/or changing it, that just doesn't seem right. but that has always been the case with some. you can see it some of the older posts too.
  2. Ben, why do you go back and edit and/or delete your posts? that doesn't seem quite right. (scratching head here).
  3. good to know you are o.k. the story, as I heard it, was that you drew a time out here and had to sit out a while. guess my info was wrong. glad things are going well for you, same here my friend, same here.
  4. hey Ben, thanks for the concern, much appreciated. It was you I was worried about. You got all quiet there after you had your meltdown. You know, the one where afterwards you posted a halfway self indulgent apology in your status. You're not going to have another one of those meltdowns are you?
  5. (just some silly song lyrics)... Let me tell you all a story about the fisherman he likes stepping on toes with his head in the sand he fishes all day but he can't understand why his hook is always empty like his frying pan there are fish in the water it's a great big lake but come dinner time he has an empty plate it seems all the fishes like to make him wait with a smile on their faces they're not taking the bait taking the bait taking the bait sorry for your luck and your empty plate (more to be added later I'm sure)
  6. @ DB - is a matter of perspective, like a lot of things. Hmmm - I suppose someone standing on the outside looking in, not knowing the people or the situations, an insensitive person might take that view. good to see you hanging out again though
  7. @ DB - I've been that lucky (if you can call it luck) several times. let's just say my luck ran out, several times.
  8. @ FinallyFree - one of the benefits of M/m spanking is that it has a more traditional disciplining feeling to it because the expectation of sexual contact has been removed.
  9. thanks Ms. Christy, I love it when you read my posts
  10. @ Bluepencil - thanks for the invite, you never know
  11. There is a lot to be said about both F/m and M/m spanking. There is certainly the thrill factor with both, the butterflies in the stomach, the rapid heartbeat - that "oh my!" feeling is there when facing a paddling or spanking from either, There are connections to deep emotions and feelings that rise to the surface during spankings. The dynamic of both is somewhat the same, and somewhat different, but equally exciting. It seems most male spankees are chasing the holy grail of spanking - a woman that spanks. I've met a few, lived with several, they are out there. What is more the norm is to meet a woman who expresses a desire to spank, only to find out she is a reluctant spanker, acquiescing to your spanking kink without true enthusiasm. What a male spankee wants is a woman that enjoys administering a spanking, one that will paddle your underpants at the drop of a hat, one that keeps a paddle handy and knows how to use it (I met with one such woman from SN recently, thanks btw). They are out there but a rare find indeed. M/m spanking - not a gay thing (not that there's anything wrong with that) As an alternative, more male spankees could get what they want if they would accept a male spanker. Men, particularly older men, LOVE to spank! I have a theory that the vast majority of men are either spanker or spankee, men understand about spanking, we were the ones that were raised with it. While I am completely open to the idea of a woman spanker, the reality is that the opportunities are a hundred fold more to your favor if you accept a male disciplinarian. You can go, get spanked, and then go home. Both parties are happy, all expectations have been met - it is a win/win for both. You can answer or place a spank ad, exchange a few emails, and within 48hrs. (more or less) you'll be getting your spanking. M/m spanking has an old fashioned and traditional feel to it. Spanking in general has an almost wholesome appeal to it. While it might raise a few eyebrows to the unaware, it is, just good clean fun between consenting adults. I have over three decades of spanking experience, mostly spent as spankee. During those three decades I have rarely been without a disciplinarian to report to, almost always it has been an older retired male. Had I not discovered M/m spanking early on, I would have easily missed out on 85% of my spankings (by estimate). I learned early on to stop chasing the holy grail, men LOVE to spank! (if you are a male spankee, repeat that over and over again, make it your mantra)
  12. Let the sun remember when and take your heart to where it's been walk down that road and back again and let the sun remember when let the fall pretend to know it colors all sets hearts aglow then tells you lies about the snow just let the fall pretend to know let the snow tell you the why you speak your peace right to the sky you'll walk alone til' you should die just let the snow tell you the why let the spring call out your name a promise spoke washed in the rain the day will come and will remain the day that spring forgets your name a circle drawn will always end walk down that road and back again you feel the sun right on your skin just let your heart remember when
  13. bumping this one back to the top for no other reason than it was a fun write and one of my own favorites
  14. I seem to be getting a lot of spankings lately, getting another one today

    1. Christy
    2. spankyboy


      thanks Ms. Christy, was fun

  15. @joe - I've experienced the same. I will post unfinished work and then go back and add and edit. at least it saves but has early views seeing an unfinished piece. frustrating, yes.
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