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  1. Great! I would like to have a talk with you. I am very experienced, both in mentoring, and in a loving taken in hand relationship. I am very mature. I respect all limits. Not looking for sex. I am an excellent guide and teacher. I am a real teacher, as matter of fact. OK. I am OK with meeting you in the middle, if we wish to. Just as a reminder, I am not a player. I offer real mentoring and/or a loving taken in hand relationship. I am an excellent disciplinarian. We can discuss what we would like to achieve/accomplish. As you can see from my post, I am very good with a variety of women. I do not have a "set way" of being with a woman. Every woman is different, and has different wants and needs. I believe in honest communication. Nothing to be ashamed of. I work on developing mutual trust, mutual bonding, and a mutual appreciation of our arrangement. We can discuss all of this, including your goals, desires, etc. I'm dependable. I feel that this is very important. Too many women get hurt by men in this dynamic. I will see if I can PM you, so we can discuss via email or chat aboutsome of these things.
  2. Greetings. Experienced, safe, sweet single Daddy for a woman. Loving and affectionate, no sex required, for mentoring or a long term relationship. I am a straight top. Firm at times. Love slave, brat, traditional woman welcome.
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