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  1. Thank you folks. I know most of all that much. That is just common sense respect. But stuff like PM in chat? These are the sort of things that I don't know about. And for all of you who think that I am so darn social media/computer savvy, thank you very much for the back handed compliment. Yes, I am certainly a social media/computer expert! You are right. Thank you.
  2. Hi Ruby red. (Nice name). PM's in chat? What is that?
  3. First of all, I hardly post much of anything on here ever. So I think you are exaggerating there. There is a reason for this. I am shy on social media. I know social media has its rules and etiquette. But I don't do social media much at all, so I am pretty clueless about these things. Why the b*tchiness? I don't get it. PS Yeah, I have a Proton email account, so obviously, I'm pretty darn computer savvy! You must be smoking some real good stuff! 🙂 Thank you for remembering me,tho. I do appreciate that part.
  4. Hi all. I am old school. I don't do social media. I don't know how to do social media properly. So how would I (or we) properly initiate a friendship? Just PM someone, and say, Hi, I saw your post? Here's my email? Or? Congratulations Red zone! The other site? Maybe you can PM me about that.
  5. Hi. Has anyone ever met anyone RL on here, for a positive result? If so, how does one go about it? Thank you, Kev
  6. You can talk to me. I am a straight top, and still looking. Kev
  7. You can talk to me. I had one TIH relationship (so far). Kev
  8. Hi Chicago Lady, I am looking for the same. Friendship and a taken in hand relationship. I'm in Arizona, Nevada tho. Kev
  9. Hi. Online mentoring or rl? I'm a safe disciplinarian. Im out in Arizona/Nevada, tho. Looking for rl only. Kev
  10. Hi Pixie. Are you looking for someone, or just on here for socializing? Kev
  11. Hi. Where are all the naughty young ladies from Sin City? I am a safe spanker. Disciplinary or romantic. All limits respected. Don't be shy, newbies welcome.
  12. Hi. I am a safe, caring, experienced male mentor. Am in Kingman. If you are still interested, please see Regional directory, West, Arizona. Kev
  13. Loving single Daddy for young lady. Please regional directory, West, Arizona.
  14. Kingman, AZ. Single spanking Daddy available for mentoring or a loving long term relationship. Single, safe, experienced, caring. All limits respected. Confidential. Healthy, nice looking, six ft tall, 170 lbs., Brown hair, brown eyes. Sweet, yet dominant at times. Love slave welcome. No playing, looking for something ongoing. Waiting to hear from you young lady!
  15. Wish we were closer. I'm in AZ, near Needles.
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