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  1. Yes, these so called "groove straps" do exist. Undoubtably, they are used by many members here. I read a long article from a woman in Chicago who described her use of her groove strap. Her "groove strap" was a pulley belt from an old Singer sewing machine. These groove straps are for harsh punishment, generally. Longtimespanker, did you find a suitable groove strap? This woman was very severe with her genital spankings. When she was done with them, they couldnt even walk right. She wrote that she only gave about four spankings per year with her groove strap. I give female genital spankings sometimes. You need to be very in tune with your spankee for a firm genital spanking. There is a very fine line between giving good genital spankings, and being abusive. You dont want to be abusive. If you are just starting out, best to start fairly lenient, to allow the young lady to get used to them. Make sure that she is shaved. Gradually increase severity of sessions. Find that perfect spanking. Regarding how to find a groove strap, you will prob need to improvise. Put on your thinking hat. What would make a nice groove strap? This is easy. OK, maybe not a wet noodle. But almost anything else. Even a length of nylon rope. Easy, huh? Personally, I use a small rubber hand whip. This allows me to be as strict, and erotic as I want to be, without traumatizing her. Most often, these genital spankings create a craving to orgasm. Some train thier spankees to hold thier orgasms until given permission to cum. I feel that if you are giving a groove strap, and she is not sexually aroused at all, you are being too strict/abusive with her. Just me. Of course everyone is different. I respect this. Btw, want to give her bum hole a good spanking? Try giving a small wooden spoon. Take your sweet time. Wooden spoons take a good long time to administer. Which is one reason why the wooden spoon is so nice. Works wonders! .
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