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  1. I have two years experience being in a loving, Taken in hand relationship with a young lady. You and your bf can always PM me if you have any questions. btw, these are usually wonderful relationships/marriages. Much better than so called vanilla relations.
  2. You can always talk confidentially to me. I understand and love brats. You can always PM me.
  3. Greetings. I have just relocated to Central California. Please see Regional Directory, North America, Pacific West for more information. Confidential.
  4. I like women with no clothes on. And with disheveled hair. OK?
  5. For sure, Summer. I do feel that women use more so called "white lies". Even using lots of makeup could be considered to be a white lie. Just makes women more spankable. Gotta love them! ?
  6. Hi Laura Anne. Sounds very nice. You didnt mention if you are the little. I have experience in long term Taken in hand relationships. If you would like to be a friend, let me know please. I ama straight Daddy top.
  7. Not so much your sun sign. But, if you have Saturn in your third house you will be a disciplinarian. If you have Saturn in your First house, you will be a spankee.
  8. Women keep secrets. It should come natural to you. You may think that it is not a secret, ie., Discretion is the better part of valor. I leave any woman who hides things from me. Even before getting intimate with her. Both of you go out for a couple of drinks, or smoke a jay, and talk to him about it. This is what I would do. Let the chips fall where they may. No future with women who are not honest.
  9. Some men are just not cut out for this. Like your hubby. Insist on being allowed to find a non-sexual mentor.
  10. If it is "definitely a trap" as you write, she is not for you. Find another.
  11. You are exactly right, Sandia. I have been an online mentor. It gets very old quickly. Esp for the online mentor. Maybe it works for some online mentors. I dont know. To be honest, there is just not enough satisfaction in mentoring someone online. It becomes more like work. Unless you include being friends and mentoring a spankee, possibly a newbie, and watching out for his or her safety. I can understand this type of mentoring.
  12. Any naughty young ladies make a 2022 new years resolution to put more effort into making spanko friends, and finding a safe spanker? Sign up here.
  13. Stand in front of the TV while he is watching his fav show. Keep doing it.
  14. Wjy so many submissive male EE's on here? It just reflects society in general. Women rule. Men submit to them. Women expect men to be submissive to them. In general, if a man is not at least somewhat submissive to women, he can forget about marriage. Just life. Just this site. Just women. Just male sex slaves. Man up and admit it. They get spanked by thier bosses and by thier Mother in laws too. It's just part of being a guy. Maybe you get your genitals multilated too. Just to make sure that you understand.
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