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  1. Sac is my fav state capitol in California.
  2. Real domestic discipline is a positive empowering and intimate experience. Traditional views of "domestic bliss" have changed over the centuries - have we improved? Hard to say. I am a mentor, friend, advisor, counselor and whatever else fits. I the western part of the US / lots of travel. Come with questions / comments / needs. Weight, financial discipline, structure, attitude are all areas in which I'm familiar managing. - Dean
  3. I just chatted with this user who gave me a directly opposite account of the above - be careful with this one.
  4. Group forming for domestic disciplinary exploration, commitment, experience. If you are living generally between Monterey and Sacramento, please say hello! Dean
  5. HoldStill

    Anyone in UT?

    you are not the only one!
  6. My 2 cents: You hint at it, drop a few "boy I really would have deserved a good one for that" -- if the guy doesn't pick up on it immediately, he's likely not what you're going to connect with at a deep level anyway. Punt and think of Spanking Darwin.
  7. Hey Everyone - This is a great community - wow - didn't know had gotten this big. Delighted to be here. Mentor/ disciplinarian/ educator in this zip code....
  8. I've had a ton of experience introducing this process... it takes a lot of time and trust and patience... hope you'll go slow and ask a lot of questions along the way. There are a couple dozen steps I hope you'll think through along the way before your first real time.... I'm on yahoo at lightnessof@ if you feel like chatting/emailing... am in Phoenix as well. Dean

  9. Libby, where are you based? Email me - lightnessof@yahoo

  10. did we chat...? I remember your user name - I'm lightnessof@yahoo

  11. great... email me - lightnessof at yahoo and lets maybe schedule a time to chat and go thorugh some of the basics?

  12. I'd love to help... let's chat? Much experience on this end... it's all about communication and trust...
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