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  1. Although I can appreciate where most fellas are coming from, still I like your approach
  2. Well yes I wouldn’t disagree with your opening statement. Makes me want to expound a bit. Yes, with contraception and with freedom to be LGBTQ+ we’ve separated sex from fertility. A simultaneous truth, not all sex is intimately intimate, fair enough? It’s one thing to hookup, it’s another thing to be intimate enough to where needs are being aired and met and cared about. Needs, neediness, that’s what scares the youth. They don’t all have the enough of skills to cope with needs. Spanking is a handle-with-care need. Casual hookups are arguably a handle-with-care need too, but are not necessarily regarded as such provided there’s no oopsie pregnancy. As for the birthrates, no matter what environmentalists say, I for one shall never be an antinatalist. The future generations could carry the solutions to today’s issues, to deny that outright is a judgement
  3. The younger generations of the Western democracies gravitate towards less interest in and capacity for intimacy in general. Unless something changes, the effect of this cause will be less babies and less spanking in the Westerners. The wild card will be the rising influence of all other world civilizations. They might be able to keep spanking going in the West if they like it and they contInue migrating to the West in sufficient numbers
  4. You know what I just realized? Kari Lake is the mostly likely woman to be Donald’s running mate, and he ain’t checkin for no man that’s for certain. So we’re going to be seeing more of her on the world stage very soon. I do not believe it’s insulting her to state the obvious that she talks down to both her friends and her foes. Her friends, she breaks it down for them like she thinks they might be a little stupid, and her foes, she scolds like a strict teacher. I don’t actually care what she has to say, but as a spanko it’s all highly erotic to me and I’m about to get a high dose of it this coming 2024 election season in America 😅
  5. Yeah man you’ve just got to look past your hatred of her and think about it like a spanko. When she was campaigning, didn’t she address her supporters like they were children, and she was the strict school mistress? Yeah huh she did. Man what an awesome trip that would be to be spanked by her
  6. Energetically, someone like Kari Lake would be excellent for myself. Preferably with a more earthy muscley build. Average height
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