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  1. So a total of 2 post? One of them being your most current post of how you want to hear from Young Beautiful 18 to 25 years olds? Honestly I am shocked you in box is not overflowing in response to your request!
  2. So yesterday after work I stopped at a local grocery store to pick stuff up for dinner. It’s a smaller store in a college town. So it is August in the South so yeah some times young women wear short shorts. Well I was in the coffee isle when I thought I heard this excuse me, sometimes it’s hard to tell. Then I feel a tapping on my shoulder and a confirmed excuse me. I turn around there is this really attractive young woman asking me if could please get something off the top shelf for her, as she did not want to stand on the shelf to reach it. I turn around and hand it to her, she bends down and puts it in her cart, still facing her direction I see her shorts ride up exposing her bright red cheeks! Then she said thank you I was thinking you were ignoring me, but I think she realized I needed to see her to know what she is saying. Then she proceeds to tell me about her partner being hearing impaired, we talked for a few minutes . Then she said she had to get going because her partner was waiting on her and she had already gotten in trouble this morning and the last thing she wanted was to be in trouble again! She said thank you again and was one her way while I continued my shopping. I wonder if spanking is used in relationships more often then we would think?
  3. Thank you I was thinking the same thing. Understanding my opinion really doe not matter, but to me I kind looked at it the same way as involving others in a dynamic that they may or may not have consented to. Kind of like spanking someone in public is not the same as spanking someone at an event or party where people know what they are getting into ahead of time.
  4. Honestly I think excluding your wife is a bad idea on so many levels. She may say she is fine with it until she is not. You indicated you wanted to explore your kink , but often it is not that simple. Even with a professional feelings can emerge. One could make the argument that disciplinary spankings could be platonic, but going into it to explore your kink just sounds like asking for trouble. I would think you would be better off exploring with your wife, and building a stronger bond with her.
  5. Wouldn’t say just a member of this site. Seems to me you often provide thoughtful insight etc. Seems like many post I can’t find someone, yet they do not want to put any effort into doing so. Rarely do you see anyone ask if I go to a munch etc, how can I be an active participant? Etc.
  6. I would suggest additional communication with him. What is he looking for FLR? Something in between talk about it be open and honest.
  7. To me it does not seem all that unusual. In our dynamic punishments are indeed consensual. There is the full agreement that when warranted my wife will in fact administer a spanking that will be anything but enjoyable. There will be a lecture , and a reminder throughout the spanking why it is taking place and exactly what the expectations are going forward. With regards to safe words I think they are something that may or may not need to be in place depending on the people involved and their experiences together. Not discounting their usefulness but I do think they should be reserved for a real unforeseen event. Pretty sure if I ever used a safe word because the spanking was having its desired effect the repercussions would be very unpleasant. I have been over my wife’s knee a few times and I can say there was in fact squirming etc. Not excessive by any means but enough that my wife knew she was making her point.
  8. Usually her wood paddle. It will sometimes occur even with a light spanking. Very small are perhaps the size of a ball point pen.
  9. So sometimes when my wife spanks me I get tiny little areas where my but will start to bleed , I mean like very small area. I am wondering if this is possibly due to dry skin? I do not think it’s due to not drinking enough water as I will usually drink about 2 quarts of water a day. Any ideas? thanks
  10. Well for us we usually drive , and our Bad Boy Paddle doesn’t take time off.
  11. Is there a way to tell who is reacting to a post? I have seen a few and always wondered. Also I am in the forum camp.
  12. Yes she was much firmer and pointed out how little effort is required once I was put in the diaper position. My wife even learned that she had perhaps been a little too lenient in the past. She was quick to demonstrate how an effective spanking can be given with little bruising.
  13. Sorry you were caught up in the unfortunate experience. Hopefully you will find someone that will meet your needs.
  14. For us it’s mostly in the office, otherwise possibly the kitchen, bathroom, or which ever room I may be doing chores in.
  15. While not a pro experience, my wife has a friend that we came to find out that she is a spanker as well. Circumstance were such that I received a spanking from my wife while she looked on, all parties had discussed it prior to taking place. Afterwards she demonstrated how she used to spank her husband and my wife learned quite a bit as well.
  16. IMO there would be far larger issues to worry about. Mainly trust . I would see it as a serious breach of trust.
  17. Well at least you’re being honest. None the less I think a nice leather paddle while you are in the diaper position would go a long way to address your issues.
  18. Just wondering is there any element of truth to your crimes? That would make a difference.
  19. Agreed not sure how an ER receiving a spanking would help anything? As mentioned above what would it accomplish? Let’s go with the ER has a high pain tolerance and somehow that would translate into every EE having the same level of tolerance? I think an ER would be far better served in understand the EE’s limits and knowing exactly what the EE needs be it firm discipline or an erotic experience. Again everyone is an individual
  20. Yes I think that was it. The link was already in the post. Thank you good to know I did not break something.
  21. Responded to a post it’s all yellow and says hidden?
  22. Not trying to imply there is a one size fits all. I know for us my wife will ask during the course of discipline if she has made her point yet? ( in other words do I feel corrected) some times I will say yes and it’s over. Other times I might say I think I deserve a little more. So I guess in that sense she knows by my actions yes I wish it were done now. But what if she decided to continue on ? ( qualify information no safe word used) Seems like that may make more of an impression?
  23. Seems like other than a few sites that reference from what I understand a long defunct Disciplinary Wives club website , there does not appear to be much information out there about consensual corporal punishment of adults. I recall reading reading one writer was proposing that an actual spanking does not start until the EE wishes it was over. The writer maintained that for a difference to be made the spanking should continue for approximately 1/4 the amount of time the spanking has taken . is there any validity to an approach like that or is it merely More rambling from the web?
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