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  1. Would love to chat with you!

  2. Hi, Would love to share my exp with that. let me know when you can talk Sir Frank
  3. Hello, I can help you with that, i am local to Los Angeles, let me know if you are still seeking a discipline spanking
  4. Hello,Sir. I'm Bobby from Western CT area and I'm a very bad boy who needs a very harsh spanking. I'm also a major screwup in every way possible. Spankings do me a world of good and I sure need a harsh spanking and how. Like to talk?

  5. I was working on lesson plans and classwork for my classroom and then was talking to my roommate about stuff that has been happening (yesterday was an exceptionally bad day for her). I didn't know that you had messaged until after you had already gone. I am so so sorry Sir. I hope you can forgive me and I hope that we can chat the next time we are both there.

  6. I would give you old fashion discipline, otk bare bottom spankings, Cornertime, bath brush spanking, and paddle
  7. Hi Brat, Sounds like you can use some discipline.Are you looking for near you, I use skype but could help if you are interesetd let me know
  8. I sent you an email, please let me know if you are interested
  9. hello, Is he allowing you to bring a mentor in to help show him how to discipline you. That might be one way to go. Let me know if you would like to talk. I am at J2958@aol.com
  10. Not at all, Are you looking for a discipline type spanking. If you are please send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you
  11. what did you do this time-how are you

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