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  1. Excuse the typos above...mobile keyboards are unforgiving when typing too fast.
  2. I'll date vanilla girls but I wouldn't consider having anything serious with them. I know myself well enough to know what I want and don't want in a dynamic. I've been surprised by a few and have had that conviction challenged, but I've always stuck to my guns.Everything that we go through that doesn't destroy us is a learning experience. An opportunity to become wiser. Some of us take more lumps to learn important lessons than others. I think its important to mindful that even though many here have their specific interests that create a very loose common bond, that interest should never be the only determinant in getting into a relationship with someone. I've known many girls that were deep into this lifestyle that we're red flag train-wrecks in other key aspects of their life. Despite the shared interest, I avoided them like the plague despite intense beauty and attraction. A woman that lacks emotional and social calibration can never be a part of my life. I've worked too hard to build myself and my life to the state it is now. Things we learn along the way.
  3. I don't think it's impossible, but very difficult to find in today's society. I've known some very attractive and religious girls that have made it into their 30's as virgins...but it falls off very quickly after that. I think you're in a good state to begin that search, but you might need to cast a really wide net as your target is very specific. I would explore some other "fly over states" as well. A number of the religious virgins I knew lived in places like Indiana and Kansas. It exists but it it will take a lot of effort on your part to find. Most things in life that matter to us do take that kind of commitment. Best of luck in finding what you're looking for.
  4. What, if any, would be the right conditions for you to relocate to be closer to your spanker or spankee if they lived in a different geographic location? Is distance a dealbreaker? What considerations would you need to think about in taking that leap? Is having a spanking / discipline / D/s dynamic a strong enough driver for you to consider relocating to another part of the country for it? If full-time relocation isn't in the cards, what conditions or considerations would factor into traveling to your er or ee on a regular basis?
  5. In my opinion, I think an inexperienced ee is in safer hands with an experienced er usually. I wouldn't consider that a rule, but a safer assumption if you had to make one. The intent and maturity of the er matters. I also think that a less experienced er can be safe to explore with - again depending on their maturity level. When I'm talking about maturity I'm not talking about age. I'm thinking self awareness, social calibration, self-control, and a skill for recognizing nonverbal communication. In my M/s world I'm fond of repeating the quote that "Every Master was once a disaster." I don't know who the original origin of the quote is, but it's very true. I was a wrecking ball when I started with DD. With experience I learned a great deal. Experience is generally safer, but without an opportunity to gain that experience, an er can't become wiser.
  6. Spankings come in different forms. Everything from fun and sexual to intense and disciplinary. How important is physical attraction to you when deciding if you’re going to engage in spanking behavior with someone? Does the nature of the spanking factor into that decision? Can you get involved in spanking or being spanked by someone that you don't find attractive?
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