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  1. 🤣🤣🤣improper employee relationships happen EVERY WHERE. Not just the south!!!! It is definitely the norm. I feel like some people are imagining a porn show instead of normal human interaction. My boss doesn’t tie me up and beat me in the conference room. Her interaction with me at face value is no different than it’s ever been and no different than her other employees. She just happens to occasionally whip me as a kid would get whipped. We’re not role playing or playing out some other fantasy. however I am aware of MANY seriously inappropriate work relationships that happen ever day all over the US! Mostly if sexual nature. As a matter of fact I can not think of one place I e worked in the 4 states that I’ve lived (not all in the south!) that there was not at least one person who was openly sexually inappropriate. EVERYWHERE I’ve worked the boss has had “favorites” or people he seemed to get away with more than others. This is not an extreme thing we’re talking about here or anything that would/should feel like culture shock to anyone.
  2. Curious, what’s more common? The desire to spank or the desire to be spanked? Or is there a healthy balance? Which are you?
  3. Corner time is more embarrassing because your just there being punished on display. Being spanked I’m too focused on my bottom hurting to realize I’m embarrassed.
  4. I’ve never heard of the wheel barrel position. It seems like you would fall flat on your face. Does it work?
  5. I I am not spanked AT work. Always after hours outside of work. However with my group of coworkers, being swatted where one of them saw would not seem like an “oh no” moment. It’s generally accepted in the south. At a place I worked in the past where I would not have EVER let my boss spank me I did have two co-workers that had a similar dynamic. I don’t know if more sever spanking happened outside of work but at work once C told R to bend over. R complied and C smacked her with a ruler while myself and another friend were sitting in the office with them. They called each other “work besties” and neither of the other two of us cared because they were both clearly okay with it.
  6. So then why are you stuck on it, what is your need to reply? I was stating my opinions. If you agreed then why not responded with something like “yes exactly “ then we would likely have struck up a pleasant conversation. If I wanted to be attacked for my opinions I’d go post in a site where people are adamantly against corporal punishment.
  7. Thanks for psychoanalyzing me again though.😉
  8. We do tres carefully. There are no legal ramifications as it is never done on work time. And the “favorites” issue isn’t anymore any issue than in any other work place. Spanking did not really shift our relationship or how we interact. It’s just a different reprimand.
  9. There are no legal ramifications. I’m a consenting adult and have the same ability to consent to her as any other friend, stranger, etc.
  10. It’s interesting to me that when spanking comes up the biggest “no” you hear is about work. It’s hard for me to understand because I have a trusting relationship with my boss and she is the ONLY person that I consent to corporal punishment with as an adult. I know in many cases people describe their boss as a bitch/asshole and so having the ability to spank would definitely feel like an abuse of power. What if your boss was someone you liked and trusted. Would receiving the spanking for work related issues seem less opposing?
  11. I get spanked for work related reasons by my boss. It doesn’t take place at work (except once after hours when no one was there) it’s 100% consensual because she’s my friend and I trust her.
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