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  1. I'm dyslexic. I wasn't able to enjoy reading until I discovered audiobooks. Unfortunately, there are very, very few audiobooks on the subject of erotic spanking. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy great spanking stories while jogging or riding in your car? Smile while sitting in the doctor's office, listening to a story of some naughty little girl getting her bottom reddened. I'd like to, with your help, make this naughty little private pleasure possible. I need to find volunteers here in the Spanking Needs community to create audio spanking stories. I'm asking for writers to offer their work for conversion to audio. I'll need a lot of readers, both male and female. The process will begin when writer contacting me with one of their stories they're offering for conversion to audio. I will then send a copy of the complete story to all potential readers. After reading the story you will contact me with the part or parts you'd be will to read. The parts will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. I'll break the stories down into parts. Each part will be read by one reader. The parts will be separated into sections. Each section will comprise a continuous section of text between the sections of other readers. The readers will, of course, need to be able to record their part in a quiet environment. If you need any help with getting software or configuring your computer, I help you. I've been working with computers since the early 1970's. (Yes, I'm that old.) Unfortunately, I'm a PC user and can't be much help with MACs. Since stories are rarely written with only dialogue, there will usually be a "narrator" part that will read everything that isn't dialogue. Since the listener will hear when a different reader is speaking, I will remove some text from the story such as "He said" or "She said". For dialogue that as a descriptive comment, such as "He said in a loud angry voice". I'll remove that line from the story but include it in the part with curly brackets {} to indicate the reader should apply the description when reading the dialogue. Keep in mind, this isn't done in real time. You can re-record a section as many times as you like, until you're happy with it. Each section will need to be recorded to a separate MP3 file. When you have recorded all of sections in your part, combine all the mp3 files into a zip file and send it back to me. I'll take all the files from all the readers and combine them into an audiostory. Then the audiostorie will be put in a new "AudioStories" topic in "Music, Paintings, Photographs & Videos" for all members to enjoy. We can communicate via Spanking Needs mail but I don't believe we can attach a file to the mail. I searched for a way to send files to each other without compromising your security or privacy. The solution I liked best is a site called FileMail (https://www.filemail.com/share/upload-file}. It's free and anonymous. I can upload the story and send mail to all the readers with a link to download it anonymously. I'll upload all the parts as a zip file with each section in a separate text file. I'll send the reader the link. If you know of something easier or better than FileMail, I'm certainly open to considering it. So, that's my grand project. I won't share any of the stories or audio files outside this site and I'll need each volunteer to agree to do the same. Your help will be greatly appreciated. I can't do it without you. Denny
  2. I'm just curious. Along with spanking, I'm into enemas and butt plugs. Is that unusual or do other have fetishes related to their butts? Denny
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