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  1. Has become an annual event with us. My wife invites 3 other couples where the wives spank, and I go over the back of the sofa with pants and shorts down to “celebrate” my birthday with smacks from a Lexan paddle.
  2. I get nervous and embarrassed when my wife prepares me for a spanking. Whether she tells me to take my pants down or has me strip, I get hard. Cannot help it. Happens with just her, and if others can see or hear it is worse. I have to stand there until she is ready, and she takes her time.
  3. I have been soundly spanked by two different men as my wife watched. I have also visited them on my own.
  4. My wife spanks for discipline and has gotten to know some other women who also spank their husbands. She enjoys getting together with one of those couples now and then when I am due for a spanking. The result is two smiling wives and two crying, pleading husbands.
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