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  1. Female EE here. We always had role playing with DD. Met this couple that did it in real life, met their friends. After becoming part of their group we decided that this was something we wanted in our lives. Arguments were now rare, we were happier. He grew more loving because he knew I wasn’t going to attack his decisions/suggestions. I loved the fact that he cared for my well being. It was nice to have friends that didn’t think this was assault and didn’t have to hide sore bottoms. When it was time for a punishment, I would have to meet him in his office, I’d sit across from him at his desk. He would explain what I did wrong and how he was going to correct my behavior. He let me defend my actions. Of course I got punished but at least I got to explain myself. Then I would stand up, he would bare my bottom, then bend me over his desk. I would get my ass blistered and have to stay in that position until he said to move. Didn’t matter if we had company over or not. Even though our friends lived the DD life, it still was embarrassing. If he hadn’t passed away, I still would be living this life and my own life wouldn’t be so out of control and crazy. DD is not for everyone, but it worked for me.
  2. #2 being put in corner with pants at my ankles. Praying that no one comes calling.🥺
  3. There’s an old John Wayne western where he pulled Maureen O’ Hara over his knee and spanked. It looked like he was really spanking her. It was so hot!
  4. I’m a big girl so bent over works better for me.
  5. My favorite is the ping pong paddle….it hurts soooooo good. My least favorite is the bath brush on a wet behind.
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