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  1. "sex-repulsed asexual" may be as close a description to my own feelings as I have ever encountered. I'm glad you've found people who respect that.
  2. I was almost always successful at drawing tears when spanking my ex. The disciplinary spankings I gave her were a very quick ramp up, starting slow & measured, and quickly finding and exceeding the limit of what she could endure. I like to maintain a good, consistent rhythm and intensity, which is entirely unmitigated by any protestation, manipulation, or physical jockeying she might attempt. I scolded her during the spanking, making sure to keep her focus on how she earned this, and how there is no getting away from it - and, as she involuntarily attempts to resist it, incrementally increasing the pace and intensity to ever more unbearable levels, to reinforce how utterly complete her loss of control is. I like to continue this until she internalizes a sense of hopelessness about the idea that the spanking will ever end, and continue a bit beyond that point for good measure. This is NOT to say I give long spankings, or spankings that would at all risk injury. And they most certainly have never continued into a "round 2" - on the contrary, it never took long at all to reach that point, of what I might call her capitulation, or surrender. But the tears always flowed in earnest, and for longer than the spanking itself had lasted. And afterward, holding her against my chest, and gently rubbing her back, whispering sweet words of forgiveness, love, encouragement and approval in her ear, was indeed the longest part of the entire process. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved seeing and feeling her on my lap, overwhelmed by the sensations and desperately squirming to escape her predicament, but my favorite part was in those moments afterward, when she would transform into the sweetest, most affectionate little girl, looking up at me with amazement. I truly miss having someone to spank.
  3. Ooh, Norcal.. I spent a week in Redding, and another week in Crescent City, during my trip around the country. I love that area so much. I wanted to make it down to Mendocino, but that's one of the few areas of the country I missed.
  4. Hi Rye, welcome to the forum! Nice butt you got there! If you lived around here, you wouldn't have to worry about owning chairs ever again, cause I'd find excuses to keep that thing sore 24/7!
  5. For what it's worth, you can rest assured that I wouldn't reach out to you even if someone paid me to do it.
  6. Hello stranger! I'm just outside your age range, but wanted to say hi anyway. I personally find self spankings do not scratch the itch. Just like one cannot hold one's breath to the point of passing out, it's more or less impossible to spank oneself past the limit of their own endurance. Where punishment is concerned, a spanking has not begun until the spankee sincerely wants it to end. I don't know how to do that without a partner.
  7. Hello and welcome! I'm 38/m, originally from CT, but I'm settling in NH next month. NYC is not so far that I wouldn't come down for a weekend. Let's chat some time!
  8. Shame we didn't both find this forum sooner. I was just in Minneapolis 6 weeks ago, and would've gladly spanked you! All the same, welcome to the forum!
  9. This much I definitely get. Where known boundaries are crossed and disinterest has been expressed, cutting somebody off is a matter of necessity. That's not really what I'm referring to when I speak of ghosting. My most recent ghosting was someone I met in real life and hit it off with in-person. Nothing sexual, and nothing remotely to do with spanking. It was a younger woman who found my adventures interesting. She requested my email and my instagram, followed me, we exchange a handful of messages.. then she spontaneously blocks me on everything. I expressed no romantic or sexual interest in her, only friendship interest. She gave no clue as to the source of her displeasure. In fact her last message to me prior to this, was to volunteer that she was going to keep me updated on where she's heading in life. She sounded happy. I don't get it. The best I can do is speculate. Maybe she WANTED me to express more of a personal interest. But she has a boyfriend, so how could I do that? I'm not one to try to interfere with someone's relationship. She had at one point asked me "how do you break up with someone when you're living together?" which is a big hint that maybe she wanted to end things with him, but still, it's up to her to first do that. And still this is all just speculation! Who knows what was going on inside her head? I somewhat get where women are coming from when they ghost. Your inboxes are all overflowing with messages from strangers. It's overwhelming and tiresome. Some of those people have to be weeded out, so any reason you can find to do that is good enough reason. You only have so much social stamina, so many hours in the day, etc. Life is a very different experience for men. Men are largely unapproached. They feel lonely and unwanted, at all times. Putting effort in over and over, and being dumped with zero indication of why.. no feedback, no opportunity to improve. It's hell for young men. I am fortunate to be well beyond the phase where I feel desperately in need of feedback that I can't get. But being unceremoniously dropped without explanation is still a shock. It still hurts. I remind myself that I'm better off without someone so unpredictable in my life. And that works great the first half dozen times it happens. But eventually it just turns me bitter and distrustful. I don't deserve this.
  10. I'm trying to understand this view, but I don't think that I can see ghosting as "polite." You didn't answer my question about how often you get ghosted yourself. This is pertinent information - it speaks to your experience of enduring the other side. Are you even in a position to evaluate how "polite" it feels to be ghosted, routinely?
  11. Ghosting appears to be standard operating procedure for a lot of folks nowadays. Notice one red flag? Ghost them. Me, personally, I find it incredibly rude and unnecessary. It says that I'm not worth the time and energy, and I don't deserve any closure whatsoever. It stings. And it's one thing if I'd done something offensive toward them, but I'm a gentle soul who makes every effort to ensure people are comfortable. It's completely unnecessary. I feel that if someone can't spare a sentence or two to say good bye to me, then it was a mistake for me to invest any of my time in them at all. I would never again trust someone who ghosts. And the trouble with that line of thinking, is I suspect most people are ghosting on a routine basis, and I begin to trust nobody. We're well into the new century now, and the breakdown of society is well under way. So I just wanted to take the pulse of this community where ghosting is concerned. How often do you do it? How often is it done to you? How do you feel about it being normalized?
  12. When i was 18 years old, in my first semester at college, I neglected my studies and wound up with several Ds, and an F. It's one of those things where I could've done better, and therefore I should've been punished somehow, but my parents (who were paying my tuition) were not the sort to take any action. I was curious whether and how people thought I should be punished, so I put together a free online poll to find out what the public thought about the matter. The results of the poll were unsurprising. People thought that yes, I should be punished. The punishment should be a spanking, and my parents should paddle me, bare, to tears. And they should repeat it every week, until my grades improved. Of course, I did not inform my parents of the poll, and the punishment did not happen. But with close to a thousand people having voted, it was pretty clear what people thought! It was quite the feeling, knowing that so many people felt I deserved it. Twenty years later, I still have the feeling that justice was never served. I guess my question for you all is, is if you've ever received a sentence from a public poll before? And if so, what were the circumstances, and were the results acted upon?
  13. I definitely agree that the request form doesn't fit every need perfectly. Placing the EE in full control goes against the very foundation of most DD arrangements. But for the more casual arrangements, and those who are still experimenting and learning what their hard limits are, I think the forced thoroughness of the request, and the certainty about what one will *not* be subjected to, may make things a lot easier. I actually designed such a form at one point, but I've since lost track of it. Might have to dig it up, if I become involved with anyone in this community.
  14. I'm familiar with the generator you mentioned! It definitely doesn't cover even half the aspects I've been imagining, but it's very amusing nonetheless, putting your fate totally up to chance. Have you used the results in actual scenes?
  15. I was daydreaming a while back about putting together a spanking request form, to improve communication between spankee and spanker. The idea was to try to quantify every dimension of a spanking, and translate it into a series of checkboxes that can be quickly filled out and submitted. The form guides the spankee into covering all bases, forcing them to be as explicit as possible about what they want/need. Where they don't want to decide, there could be boxes in each area for "spanker's discretion." The point, of course, is to maximize the likelihood that the spanker is able to deliver exactly what's desired. This could also benefit someone who's shy about verbalizing what they want. I'm a really organized person, and I like keeping historical records, so I personally would take satisfaction in keeping a little book of past requests. Perhaps signed and dated, with a line for "reason" and some kind of indication about when the event took place. Perhaps a little notation about how she took it. One possible implementation is to treat it as a sort of contract - a way to condemn one's own future self to a fate that may have been difficult or impossible to request in the moment, whether it be out of fear or anxiety. Take a deep breath, write it out, sign it, and know that it's out of your hands. Within a different relationship dynamic, the same form could also be flipped around into a spanking issuance form. A written record of what you've earned. Your fate having already been sealed, all that's left is to decide the "where" and "when." I've never been in a relationship on a level where we could explore this sort of idea, but I wanted to run it past you all and get your thoughts. If any of what I've described appeals to you, what is it exactly, and why? If you have your own ideas, would you mind sharing them?
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