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  1. When you are spanked/being spanked, what is your preferred nudity state? Me? I keep the pants right below the bottom, just barely exposing the sit spots too. Keep the rest of the body clothed and only leave the butt cheeks hanging out. Really allows their bare behind to be the star of the show. what is your opinion? Clothed? Pants all the way off? Fully nude?
  2. One time, after I was spanked, my water bottle accidentally rolled under the bed. I crawled under to get it, and my swollen butt rubbing against the bed frame was HELL (the pleasurable type of hell) Since then, my partner likes to have me crawl under the bed sometimes after a spanking. Anyone have any random weird ways to hurt your butt more after/during a spanking?
  3. I hate getting my thighs spanked (below the sit spots). 1) Thighs hurt more to get spanked, they have less padding than your buttocks do. 2) It just feels unnatural to get spanked so far down What is your opinion on thigh spanking?
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