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  1. Main point is that your husband has the proper feeling if you are in need of the cane. Besides I can imagine its 'simple availability' will have a hardly undervaluing warning effect on you even if it is not used often.
  2. Hope this painful experience will have caused a helpful lesson and the awareness that you will have to feel the cane again if needed will keep you in line.
  3. Do not hate it if you know that mouth soaping is working on you properly.
  4. Just perfect as compensation for a missed deserved spanking.
  5. Spank61


    Simply great to have such an attentive and caring neighbor.
  6. Spank61


    Very moody pics. Thank you for sharing of them. I love the birching.jpg that let me dream of the good old times. femdom-spanking-art. jpg is giving an idea of a seasoned spanking lady. Simply great.
  7. Thank you so much for sharing of your experiences. Nice to know that mouth soaping could work on you properly and you have learned to talk more ladylike.
  8. Some topics do deserve to be on one's mind more often.
  9. Swearing is a real bothering bad habit. I can imagine mouth soaping can motivate to keep one's tongue under control on next occasion if it is administered as an additional way of punishment besides the obligatory spanking.
  10. Such a well thought through plea for maintenance spanking. Thank you for sharing of it.
  11. Great that you are used to administer a 2nd spanking after corner time.
  12. I love dropseat pajamas. Wearing of such a special pajamas is making clear in most natural way that spontaneous spanking is possible at any moment. Besides wearing of such a pajamas does have a little additional humiliating effect. Just perfect for each spankee as preparation for a bedtime spanking.
  13. It is such a great website. I love to read about spanking experiences and it is so nice to exchange thoughts about the helpful practice of spanking. The less reliably working website was little bothering. All the more I do thank you so much for the efforts to fix the problems. I hope a spanking was not a necessary motivation.
  14. I do really appreciate your responsible and thoughtful practice of implementation of a new spanking implement.
  15. I do really appreciate your responsible and thoughtful practice of implementation of a new spanking implement.
  16. Careless spoken words can cause a lot of emotional grief. Great that your husband is attentive regarding your way of talking that should be ladylike always. It sounds so nice that you could experience a conciliating ending during a shared shower after your punishment. Just wondering why you did not get an additional mouth soaping.
  17. Thank you for sharing of this most impressive idea of your way of loving relationship. Your husband is most enviable.
  18. Nice to know that you have made those helpful experiences with a soapy mouth as additional way of punishment.
  19. This kind of unacceptable language will advise your husband to include your careless mouth and tongue in your punishment. If you have been used to this additional way of punishment and you do not swallow any soapy foam then mouth soaping will work properly as a supplement to the traditional spanking.
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