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  1. Love the story. It was so very well written.
  2. I did not get in trouble at school on purpose trying to get a spanking. I was upset when an instructor refused to read the paper that I was graded on and have a proper discussion with me regarding what specifically I did incorrectly. Then I tried to escalate this situation I kept hitting a brick wall with no one to this day willing to speak to be on the paper. Nor could I speak to the administration, but I was called on to discuss my poor behavior at being upset!! An instructor by definition is supposed to teach so not being willing to tell me what I did wrong or teach me is what I found unacceptable. I can be quite irate at times but this time I felt I was in the right. Sorry, it's a sore subject and I spent a lot of money on it. I do love him, but sometimes I cannot handle it. I am wired this way and it took me till very late in life for me to accept myself. This was prior to our meeting and in my mid-40s. I thought there was something wrong with me, I had no idea there were others who thought like me so I was so happy to find a community that understood my desires. I always ask him permission even though it is my money. I guess I like to pretend he is in charge and making the decision. It's what I want from him. I guess I need to find another desire and let this one go. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Hi I am new to this site. My partner of 12 years is not into the dominant role anymore or spanking me anymore, though he is against me seeking it outside the relationship, probably because, this is what brought us together. It's not fair to expect me to change just because he has. He is older and I understand that but I crave this all the time. I have gone out and gotten myself spanked without his knowledge, which was fine even though I felt a little guilty, but the dynamic of a friendship or relationship was missing from the spanking. I love when someone wants to spank me to help me, make me better, someone who knows I know better. Also, like others on this site, I am only looking for spanking and other forms of discipline, so it's hard to locate, some say they understand but do not really understand, even the need to be spanked. I have been awful lately, might get suspended from graduate school for not being so nice, not nice to my partner and always blaming him for everything going wrong, and just plainly a brat. I have actually thought of buying a spanking machine though when I brought it up he said no. Any suggestions would be appreciated, even the type of spanking machine to buy.
  4. Hi New to the site but I was just in Utah picking up my bike near you. Deborah
  5. I am a spankee in a spankless relationship. It has been quite a while since I have been spanked and I am in so much need. I would enjoy meeting others, discussing the topic and if get the chance getting spanked maybe someday.
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