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  1. At least for me, you’re correct that it is non-sexual so a family member spanking me isn’t out of bounds.
  2. I’ve found that many videos wether pro or amateur are over-acted. The crying and movements for the slightest strokes are obvious. I have several videos in SpankingTube which once the camera was set-up, it was forgotten about during the spanking. Same user name as here - “spnkswtch”.
  3. I’ve found the shorter ones are mostly previews for videos which are for sale. Mine are not pro and are generally more than 5 minutes. I have a few slo-mo videos which are shorter. My ST screen name is that same as here - “spnkswtch”. I’m not sure you can filter for only the true amateur vids. Anyone can tag “Amatuer”.
  4. Send me a message if you’re interested in meeting up with a pro-Domme in Austin and I’ll provide you her name.
  5. When I’m disciplined with the strap and/or cane, I never get erect before, during, or immediately after. Quite a while after when I’m thinking about what happened, I do however by then, no one but me knows about it.
  6. I grew up in the 60’s so it was a different time and norms than now. In the early 60’s, mom decided I was old enough to get the strap when I needed it. I took the strap from mom until I was almost 21 when I was able to get my apartment. Before I got out on my own, mom told me if I ever needed to receive the strap that I could ask her for it. There were several times, even after I was married, that I visited her and took her up on her offer. There was never anything sexual about it. It was just something that I knew I needed from time-to-time without ever understanding why. Today, I have one of my best friends who understands what I need and I get the strap and/or cane without anything sexual happening since we are both married to other non-spanking spouses.
  7. I’ve been on both sides of the strap regarding discipline. In my experience, it takes a “want” to reform from bad habits as well as form good habits. As spankos, it would be welcome to say that a spanking discipline will cure all issues. In reality, it doesn’t. A perfect example is repeat offenders who go to jail or prison many times for offenses such as DUI. Although I’ve never been incarcerated, I would think being locked up for a long period of time would be much more of a deterrent than a spanking discipline. I would never deter someone from using discipline. I was disciplined both as a kid and adult. It provides me the guidance that I require. The strap and/or cane is a catalyst to want me to do better however it just accompanies the “want” to improve.
  8. With being a switch, I’ve never used anything on an EE without understanding the feel first. That way, I can talk about the implement, the feel, and the intensity with an EE to ensure they have a great experience.
  9. I can honestly say that I was never in jail or prison and hope never to be. I grew up in a small town in the 60's / early 70's. Everyone in town knew my mom took the strap to me when I needed it, including the police officers. When they drove me home and handed me over to my mom, they knew that "justice" would be served and they were right.
  10. I have nothing but the utmost respect for professionals. I’ve been spanked by several throughout the years including some who are very well known. With also being a switch, I thought about it. I did go from amateur to professional in a different passion of mine, photography. When I started getting paid for doing something I loved, I started losing my passion for it. Shooting weddings, portraits, model portfolios, and even the interior of a small business for them to apply for a liquor license became my job and no longer my hobby. I was very successful financially and built up a great clientele by reputation and quality of previous clients. I had to stay creative however I lost my passion. I don’t want to ever lose my passion for this lifestyle so I won’t go professional.
  11. I guess I always show my age in my writings. I still always use the double-spacing after a period and the Oxford comma. I’m sure I was spanked once or twice by the nuns by not following those rules. 😂
  12. I totally agree. Once I’ve been with someone for a few times, my embarrassment fades away. I too am somewhat of an exhibitionist after I get comfortable. I’m often naked around the house and I’ve been to nude beaches and parks several times.
  13. Being naked while having the strap taken to me when I needed it when I was a kid until I was almost 21 by my mom was always embarrassing. It was meant to be part of a deterrent to breaking the rules in conjunction with the pain of the strap. When I was 23 in the late 70's my ex-wife needed to take over as we introduced discipline into our relationship. She witnessed one of my discipline sessions from my mom when she was my girlfriend. She saw how embarrassment played into my punishment and she introduced me to further embarrassment throughout the years. From the start, she made me keep my genitals hairless so I would be "completely naked" for her. In the 70's, there was no other guy I saw who was hairless down there. After going to the gym and playing racquetball a couple times a week, I would take a shower and change in the locker room. I was the only guy seen like that. Later in our relationship, she took the strap to me while at her parents home. I never knew if they saw it happen through the open door however I know they heard it. She also introduced me to having to wear girls panties at times, all to embarrass me. After our divorce, embarrassment morphed into the multiple people seeing me naked and spanked. Starting out with a couple friends, to house parties, to clubs including CFnm events, to national parties, embarrassment has always seemed to play a part of my spanking experiences.
  14. "The Belt" quickly became "The Strap" for me. The buckle was removed and the ends were joined together. The strap has always been a big influence in my life when it was needed and still is.
  15. Since I'm a switch, I can address this from both sides. Communications is a key part of this. I always have a conversation prior to every encounter as a Top or bottom to gain or reinforce a level of trust.. As a top, I always respect the limits of the bottom. The bottom trusts me to respect those limits. As a bottom, a person, including myself, is very vulnerable because of the submissive headspace that a person can get into. While in that headspace, I need to trust the person to whom I'm submitting to.
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