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  1. Although my mom wasn’t a “Pro”, she was a pro when it came to giving me the leather strap. I was almost 21 years old when my then girlfriend (future wife) saw some strap marks remaining from me getting the strap the day before. My girlfriend was very vanilla however she was courious so we arranged to stage a scene where I would disrespect her in front of my mom. I knew from previous experience that my mom would take the strap to me while the person involved would witness. After my staged shouting event happened, my mom was furious as expected and I had to get naked as usual for a hard strapping over the back of her living room chair. My girlfriend saw what I took and the results while holding back her tears in front of my mom. As I took my girlfriend home, we talked as she cried. A couple years later after we were married, my actions warranted that we incorporate my discipline into our relationship. My wife was able to rely on what she saw from my mom to very efffectivly discipline me.
  2. I started this journey when I was 8 years old and continued with my ex-wife on the receiving side. I was 28 years old when the opportunity arose for me to give a spanking. I was immediately hooked and enjoyed that role also. I learned that I could co-exist happily in both worlds and I didn’t need to choose between the two.
  3. The best of birthdays Cassie!
  4. The leather strap has always been liberally used on my bare ass.
  5. This is my first post on this controversial thread however after reviewing the comments, I don’t believe I’m restating anything previously said. Many of us here have LGBTQ and the rest of the alphabet friends and family members. I hold all those people dearly to my heart and always will. As early as 1978, my ex-wife put me in panties, bras, and short skirts. While I don’t consider myself trans, I still need to don my outfits from time to time. I put the whole Bud Light controversy as an error of timing. I happen to worship women and put them on a pedestal. I always have. The BL executives and advertising agency made a grave error in my mind when they ran the commercials during Women’s History Month. There were probably millions of women other than a “trans-woman” who were better suited to represent their tribute to women. This was a disgrace to all women who have brought us through history to where we are today. It was a disgrace to all my women friends and family who have helped mold me to who I am. If they had waited one more month until “Pride Month”, they would have fallen in line with the Targets and every other company in this country to celebrate that community.
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