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  1. Hello sunshine

  2. Woohoo! Advanced member. Thanks, y'all.

  3. Oh, and if anyone hasn't seen the above mentioned clip, you can go here, read about it, and the clip can be viewed at the bottom of the page. http://www.chicagospankingreview.org/videopage/wagon_train_maggie_hamilton_spanking.html
  4. No question for me -- the Wagon Train episode, "The Maggie Hamilton Story," with Robert Horton and Susan Oliver. It has everything -- handsome, dominant man. Beautiful bratty girl. Buildup. Threats. The pull over. He pulls up her dress (unheard of in 1960). You actually see some of the smacks. And afterward, when she cries and apologizes, he takes her in his arms to comfort her. I could watch that scene for the rest of my days. Oh, and that line, that line that turns my knees to Jell-O every time: "You're going to grow up, all the way, right now."
  5. I love OTK best. But bent over a couch arm or a chair is good too, as long as I can rest my upper body on something. I don't like just bending over and grabbing my knees; too hard on the back, and too unstable.
  6. (laughing) You forgot the first part of that quote. "I've seen some pricks in my time, but you, Sir, are a fucking cactus." Well, here's my deal -- I am admittedly an exhibitionist and an attention hog. I like the positive body comments. However, there are likely many women who don't care for them -- at least not from strangers. I daresay that if a woman posts a picture of her body in the first place, she wants it to be noticed and appreciated. Still, practicing caution is a good thing.
  7. Not quite sure what you're asking, and I can't speak for the majority of females, only for myself. Overall, I like positive body comments. When people are crass and crude and overly personal, then it's kinda gross, but if it's a genuine compliment without any qualifiers ("Gee, you have a great body FOR YOUR AGE"), then I appreciate it.
  8. There is nothing quite like a top holding my gaze, his face solemn, while he unbuttons and rolls up his sleeves. As a dear friend of mine used to say, that just turns me into a puddle of girl goo.
  9. Oh for heaven's sake. So I have to sit here all by myself in my underwear? C'mon, y'all! It's National Underwear Day! We're spankos! We're big on underwear!
  10. Chicken! 😁 Awww... no one else wants to join me?
  11. Why are my posts not showing? I've posted twice in the forums: one is "pending approval" and the other is "hidden." How come? ☚ī¸

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EricaScott


      I did, about 10 minutes ago. Thank you.

    3. Spanknutt


      Fixed it. Anytime someone posts with a file or link embedded, it requires approval to make sure someone doesn't upload malware.

    4. EricaScott


      Thank you so much! 😃

  12. Well... I was for the most part apolitical most of my adult life. But 2016, and everything that ensued from there, changed all that. I am firmly in MNee1's camp, and I took this stand several years ago. Anyone who condones that monster is not someone I'd feel safe with.
  13. ... today, 8/5, is National Underwear Day! Hey, I'm all for underwear. Who else?
  14. I am not submissive. But I can BE submissive with the right person, if he is able to tap into my head space. But overall, I prefer being feisty. And then experiencing the transition into a more compliant space.
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