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    Drawings & Cartoons

    This is just some drawings and what not that I have collected over the years
  2. I just clicked on the site and it says suspended.
  3. https://www.spankingtube.com/video/117041/sent-home-from-school This one is a role play but they play hard and she's real good at scolding
  4. I would go as far as saying the best prog. rock group ever especially for a 3 piece band. These 3 we're masters of the instrument they played. Still hard to believe that this song was recorded in one take.
  5. Hey now I like the way you think
  6. Now that I'm retired and too old to care what other people think it really doesn't concern me at all. If they found me on a spanking site then why are you asking me why I'm on there? You must like it like I do is the only thing I can come up with.
  7. This is one of my all time favorite song writers also wrote for other artist. He was a cancer survivor twice then he died from covid a couple years ago. What a talent he was. This song is one of his deeper ones and earliest ones. If you haven't heard of him and his songs you should.
  8. I was green at the time she was the first woman I spanked and she told me she only had been spanked a couple times and hyperventilated then also. Well when we do this again it's not going to happen young lady or you wish it hadn't. In my sternest voice, her eyes got real big and gave out a Ooo yes sir and saluted me. Hahaha. Actually after a hour or so I did finish the spanking and this time no hyperventilating.
  9. When I was a younger man around almost 30 years ago I had a coworker and we always had a good time around each other. Picking on one another telling jokes and what not. So one day she did something I forgotten what it was but I told her she needed a spanking for it or something to that nature. She just giggled and said oh yea you have no idea. Well that raised a eyebrow and nothing else was said that day about it. But don't you know I was thinking about it and apparently she was too. Too cut down the story we eventually got together so I could give her that spanking. I asked her about her pain tolerance and she really didn't know she hasn't took it that far. I started slow and easy over her dress and did lots of rubbing. When I lifted her dress did the same with her panties but a little faster and harder till she was wiggling all over my lap. Then I told her you know the real spanking doesn't start till these come down right? She agreed, and again just a slow steady pace noticing her butt getting redder I was thinking it was warmed up enough and told her this. Told her now I'm going to give you 25 fast and a little harder. Did that around 3 or 4 times untill I said I'm wrapping it up till this butt of yours is good and hot so you can feel it when you go home. She didn't say anything just nodded her head. I was in full swing not even 30 seconds then all I was hearing was her breathing was so erratic like she was trying to catch her breath. I quickly let her up and asked what was wrong. She was hyper ventilating and somehow I remembered to get a paper bag for her to breath into. After a few minutes she recovered but nearly gave me a heart attack in the process. I asked her what caused this was I spanking her too hard. Then she said she was holding her breath till she couldn't any more. Why I asked , she said just out of habit I guess and she doesn't notice that she's doing it till it's to late. No no no darlin you need to breath. Not in a mean way just to let her know. She smiled and said she was sorry and I was sort of relieved by it but why didn't I notice that she wasn't breathing. From that day in I made sure everyone I spanked was still breathing and not holding their breath. All it took was the one time for me to be scared to death that I seriously injured someone.
  10. So your talking about acting out a spanking story. That would be interesting to see how it comes out. There some audio book on audible which is just the audio app for Amazon. The ones I have listened to are just narrated by one person. Some are ok though
  11. Hello my name is mud. I mean David, Dave, or Moody most call me. Although thier some I'm not going to mention. 1. I love music, 60's and 70's classic rock especially. Also those two decades of country, I like all genres for the most part. I only watch TV for football games. I even stopped watching the news, just too depressing. 2. I use to write poems but people said they were too dark for their taste. They were rather dark I suppose, guess they're not Edger Allen Poe fans. Some got it, most didn't. 3. Before my wife died we would talk to people on spanking tube even met and played with a few of them. All just for spanking though no sex involved. 4. I lived with a spirit in my house for over 5 years. Nothing bad ever happened it was very playful. Too playful at times. Made huge orb. I was told they are attracted to me. 5. 73 Dodge Swinger. Chassis low, panel dim, light drive, Jesus on the dashboard.
  12. Yes that would be great. But location would be the key thing for me. I'm in Salisbury
  13. I'm a switch but it's been awhile sense I been a spanker. It's really mind blowing that I became the bottom when my wife said she wanted to turn it around for awhile. And for awhile she did. 17 years was a good while. I'm just starting to get my feet wet once again and been looking just for a play partner for now. When I spanked I enjoy the entire scene to scolding to the layers peeled to you get to the bare bottom. How it became pink to a bright red in front of your eyes and depending what your using seeing the marks left behind, then finally corner time. And not to brag I thought I did a good job doing all that. I never thought of being spanked, and never severely spanked. Then she wanted to try it and I agreed. And she was a natural at scolding and I really got turned on by it. The spanking was hard but I knew I could take more when she quit. But she learned and the spankings became butt blistering. And I do mean swollen so that it felt like I was sitting on two huge blisters. And the entire time asking me questions that no matter what I answered it was not going to be the right one. I still have some videos that I have to just hear her scolding me with that southern draw. She was good and each time was better then the last one usually. Now for me to be the bottom once again the lady has got a very hard act to follow. She needs the complete package of both scolding and hard discipline. And I have become better at scolding from what I learned from her. As I have had 2 ladies I have spanked just in the last month. The two are friends that live about a hour away. I think I gave them what they were looking for and deserved. Sorry this is so long I do tend to ramble .
  14. How many of you were spanked so hard the heat from your ass you could actually feel travel up your back, the back of your neck and after awhile start to sweat like some one turned on the heat. Well someone sure lit a fire about a hour ago. If it was dead of winter I could sit and be my own heater. But no this was in the mid summer and you go to the car and oh boy your going to have a even more hot ass when you sit on that 120 degree seat.
  15. Spanking in the south in the 60s and 70s were as common as birds flying. In schools, home, and yes sometimes in stores. Then through out high school your checking out girls and dating. After that it's either college or a job and maybe a steady girlfriend. I always wanted to pop the question to a few that I did date. Do you find spanking fascinating too you? So much that you constantly thinking about it? That never happened but I did ask one to marry me without asking my original question. Looking back on it now I wish that I did. This was 1981 still way before internet and thinking I'm some bizarre crazy dude that needs a straight jacket. Because now 10 years later 91 and internet still 8 or 9 years away we have grown apart so I now come with the question to put some spice where it should be.....on a bare butt. Let's give each other a spanking and see who's butt gets the reddest. That one I really wanted to try but instead we played gin rummy, the loser gets spanked. But this got to be a chore rather then a game because she thought I was sick and twisted and she didn't see a bit interest in it. So there goes my dignity along with my marriage. We seperated and divorced and I'm single once again. Now what do I do? Like it's hard enough to try and get back to dating, but I'm determined to make it more difficult by making it complicated and awkward. So when someone asks me what's my relationship like. Saying it's complicated is just the start. But by God I'm going to ask one regardless what she thinks or says. I just need the right time to ask. But that's another story. Who has left a long relationship because your spouse of friend were not into the fetish,? Did you push like I did to at least try it so they could maybe understand? If so I want to know how. But no, just another chapter in the book of bad disicions that I made. Reminds me of the Buffalo Springfield song Mr. Soul the line says at first. She said man your so strange but don't change then I let her. At the end of the song he's asking himself is it strange that I've changed? I don't know, why don't you ask her. Didn't work that way for me Mr Soul.
  16. I do love the feel of nice silky hose complete with garters. She could wear something short just to take a peak underneath. That's how I got caught and put me across her knee
  17. I feel the same way. When I'm giving a spanking I love discipline spankings the best. And it nothing sexual for me either. I think the actual spanking itself is my sex. But I do love spanking layers before I get to the bare behind. I live in about 30 minutes north of Charlotte and would be happy to chat with you.
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