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  1. Getting Ready Chloe jumped as her grandfather clock chimed the hour. Six o'clock. And he would be here at 7. He knew she wasn't expecting anything special. She could pop popcorn and they could curl up and watch classic movies all night if that was what she wanted. Not too long ago, that was exactly what they did on one of his twice weekly visits. Tonight, though, that wasn't what she wanted. Tonight when Skip walked through the door, she would cast her eyes down, give him that special smile and address him as sir. He would understand immediately. Unless he really wasn't in the mood, which he would signal to her by taking her in his arms, kissing her, squeezing her hand and calling her Chloe. If he was in the mood--well, there was no telling for certain what he would do except that he would take charge of the rest of the evening and she would cater to his every whim and submit to his every demand and need. She opened her closet and stared at the dresses that hung there. Her hair was still damp from her shower which would help her braid it tightly into an elegant updo. Perhaps she'd weave in a few silk flowers, depending on which dress she chose. He liked so many different things. Which would she choose for tonight? She could go with her tight leather mini-skirt and the low-cut scarlet silk blouse. She smiled remembering the last time she had worn that for him. She'd met him at a restaurant and he was unable to keep his hands off her all night. Nor did his eyes often stray from her cleavage. As she'd walked to the restroom right after they'd had appetizers, she made a show of dropping her cell phone, bending over at the waist to pick it up and wiggling her tightly covered ass at him. As they walked to the car in the dark parking lot, he'd reached down and groped her thigh right at her hemline and leaned in to whisper to her, "You'll pay for this tease when we get home." She'd gotten goosebumps and could barely sit still all the way home. She'd expected that he'd probably spank her, but she was unprepared for the night of exquisite torment she had let herself in for. He had forbid her from having an orgasm until he gave her permission and proceeded to make it as difficult as possible to not have one. Almost immediately after entering the living room, he'd grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the couch, bending her over the back of it so her ass was up in the air and her legs dangled down the side. She readied herself for the smacks that she was sure would rain down on her bottom, but instead he pushed up her skirt, yanked down her panties, spread her legs and stuck his head between them. Soon his tongue was exploring her with fervor and skill. She practically gushed in response and within minutes she was begging to be allowed to cum. He responded by standing, smacking each of her cheeks twice and pulling her to her feet. He'd led her over to the corner and told her she obviously needed to cool down. She stood impatiently in the corner for barely five minutes when he had returned. He pushed down her shoulder blades, forcing her to bend over. "Let's see how well my little tease can control herself," he said, parting her nether lips and then sliding in what she immediately recognized as a large-sized wireless round vibrator. He patted her bottom again and then handed her a thin, stingy bamboo paddle that he knew she hated. "Hold this, my girl. And if you want to avoid having it rain down on that sexy ass of yours that you like to wiggle so much, you'll make sure you don't cum." He returned to the couch, logged in to the app that controlled the vibrator and proceeded to torture her with it for the next hour, bringing her to the edge of orgasm and then turning it off again and again. Eventually, he'd taken pity on her, but not before he had first stripped her of the provocative outfit and satisfied himself with her. She smiled at the memory, running her finger along the soft leather. No, as intoxicating as that memory was, that was not the outfit for her tonight. She pulled out a long, emerald green velvet gown that hung in folds down her back to just above her waist. She'd worn this to the holiday party her employer hosted. It clung to her body and Skip spent half the night stroking her arm. He'd surprised her by saying he wanted to walk home from the party rather than call an Uber. They strolled under a full moon and he led her on a detour down a hiking path of a nearby park. Midway through the trail, he'd stopped, taken her chin in his hand and ordered her to her knees. She sunk down as gracefully as she could manage and he opened his trousers and commanded, "Do me." With the brisk night air surrounding them--he in his suit, she in her gown, she gave him an enthusiastic blow job, sucking hard on him and then swallowing every drop when he eventually came and came hard. She hung the dress back up, even as her free hand dropped between her legs and she played with herself as the picture of that night floated through her mind. As she rustled through the closet, a plaid mini-skirt fell off its hanger. Chloe laughed as she hung it back up with the white button-down shirt. She'd worn it only once for him--along with a pair of bobby socks and her hair pulled into pony tails. She'd addressed him as "Professor Skip," and confessed she found her homework much too boring to complete and couldn't she instead earn an "A" another way? She'd thought he'd fuck her over the desk, but instead he frowned at her and lectured her on how important her studies were and that she obviously needed a personal lesson. He'd bent her over the desk all right, but then he'd brought out a wooden paddle they had played with only once before. He'd flipped the skirt up, pulled her panties down and slowly, but thoroughly paddled her, lecturing her all the while. It wasn't until later he told her that he couldn't bring himself to fuck her when she looked underage. But she did enjoy the paddling, and felt it for days afterward. Not all their spankings were playful, though. Last spring, despite his reminding her several times to work on it, she was a month late with her taxes, and she told him she had finished them when she hadn't. When he accidentally discovered that she had lied and was having to pay a fee to the IRS, he promised her she would be punished. That time, he decided what she would wear. He had called, told her to put on her night shirt and nothing else and to stand in the corner until he arrived and told her she could get out. She'd spent more than 45 minutes in the corner before he called her over to the couch. He lectured her on her irresponsibility, her procrastination and her dishonesty. It was all she could do to hold back the tears even before he pulled her over his lap. He'd bared her bottom and begun spanking hard immediately. He left no doubt in her mind that this was a punishment spanking. He'd spanked her for several minutes before pausing and making her repeat why she was being punished and what she would do in the future to prevent the same misdeeds. After she'd done so, he said, "Do you agree you deserve to be punished?" "Yes, sir," she'd replied. "I was irresponsible and dishonest." "Two very serious transgressions, wouldn't you agree?" "Yes, sir," she had answered miserably. "Then I think you can agree that you need two serious spankings for it...as well as a reminder later." "Ohh...sir..please, must you? I ... I'm certain I've learned." "Chloe," he responded with warning in his voice. "Are you contradicting me?" "I...I'm sorry, sir. I was," she admitted. "Yes, so what do you think you should say instead, my girl?" She had swallowed hard and then said, "Sir, I deserve to be severely punished for my misdeeds and if you think that I need to be spanked twice, then please, sir, spank me again." "That's better, Chloe," he said, as he picked up an oval wooden hairbrush and rested it on her bottom. "Just be glad you aren't getting it with a bar of soap in your mouth for having lied to me." The hairbrush spanking that followed was just as long and hard as the hand spanking and she was in tears by the end of it...and she knew she would never procrastinate on her taxes again. He'd made her sit her bare bottom on a hard kitchen chair while he made them dinner. They'd cleaned the kitchen together and watched a movie. She had been about to switch to the news when he told her to go upstairs to her bedroom and stand in the corner again. He told her she would go to bed early tonight and that he was going to put her to bed with a bedtime spanking. She hadn't known what he meant by that, but she knew better than to argue. Thankfully, his idea of a bedtime spanking was to simply warm up her bottom to remind her of her earlier spanking and not to repeat the severity of the punishment. Even when he used the brush on her, it was to give her slow, firm smacks that stung, but were not punishing. He spanked just hard enough to ensure that she would sleep on her stomach that night and that her bottom would burn as she went to sleep. He then tucked her in, took away her phone and turned out all the lights. It seemed every outfit in her closet had a story, a story that made her warm between the legs. Tonight, she would wear a new dress, one that didn't yet have a history, one he had not seen. Pulling it off the hanger, she moved in front of the mirror. She'd bought it at a vintage store and it had the feel of a New York 40s chic apparel. A scarlet red, it was topped with a large black bow between her breasts, one sleeve falling off-shoulder. Slipping into high-heeled red shoes, she circled in front of the mirror, pleased with the cross between elegance and sexy. She then headed downstairs, eager to discover what story this dress would inspire them to write together tonight.
  2. Given the recent discussion about spanking in the workplace...here's someone who is probably wishing he hadn't: High school football coach on leave for allegedly spanking a player (msn.com)
  3. It is good to always have an audience in mind, isn't it? Whether someone specific or more generalized group of people. It's an odd thing with me--in RL, all my writing is non-fiction. But when it comes to spanking? I have never once written up a personal experience. For some reason, I can only do fiction.
  4. Now that does sound like the most fun sort of research.
  5. It *is* fun to learn things. I've always thought that the phrase "write what you know" is wrong. It should be "write what you want to know."
  6. Only in my fantasies. Well, I mean, it could have happened, but I haven't found any record of it. The Russians do have some modern spanking stories. But have you ever heeard of Princess Olga? If any woman was spanking men back then, it would have been her. Which is what i'm now writing.
  7. You’re a person after my own heart! Other than the contests, I’ve just written for myself and others. I’ve never published a spanking story and probably never will. I don’t want it to get mixed up with the professional writing I do. Too many people don’t get the kink. But I love working out details like you describe. It is part of the escapism! That’sa great way to put that.
  8. Every workplace I have been in since Anita Hill has had policies on sexual harassment and annual training in the topic. As a result, people behaved appropriately. I’m lucky. Most people who have been abused in the workplace don’t report it. Of those that do, 75% are retaliated against. I’m a journalist. I’ve spent 100s of hours listening to people who were traumatized in the workplace over a period of decades. I’ve had people cry in my arms because they didn’t think anyone would ever believe them or that anything could be done. So yeah, I don’t really think that abuse is something to be laughed off, accepted, or looked upon as someone “playing a trick.” I’m sorry—sort of—if I’ve offended. But it is super hard for me to be silent when I’ve witnessed the harm and know the hard work that people are doing to change things. you want to have a spanking relationship off property with a colleague? Fine. More power to you. But let’s not translate that into saying it is fine for a workplace to be a sexual environment. Unless you are a sex worker, it’s not. And even sex workers are entitled to their boundaries and to safety. I’ve interviewed them too. I’m not a prude, I’m here because I crave a community that understands the deep, intrinsic desires for spanking. But as long as I can put words together, I will advocate for safety. C’mon, it’s 2022. Times they are a’changing.
  9. It's not a matter of what I find "unthinkable." Heck, I like the fantasy of it. But you are courting trouble if you do it. One company had a $2.6 million judgement against them for spanking an employee as part of a motivation game. A man in Tennesee was convicted of sexual assault and had to register as a sex offender because he spanked two of his employees--even though he'd first made them sign a form saying he had the right to do so. Sure, you can mention lots of things that happen in workplaces that are illegal. They happen. But man, you're taking a huge risk, especially in today's environment. Things have changed even since 2020.
  10. For those of you who like to write spanking stories, do you ever do any research? What kind of research do you do? What's the most interesting thing you've learned? I'll admit I've sometimes gone down a rabbit hole while writing a spanking story. It happened last night as I was trying to write a F/M spanking story--I started researching tenth century foods in Northern Russia and among Vikings. I probably spent an hour for what was used in one sentence that I might even delete before the story is done. Another time, I was writing a spanking story for a Halloween contest. We were given a prompt to write from. I ended up researching abandoned copper mines, Northern Michigan geography, the Ojibwe language, Finnish folklore, Indigenous folklore and an Appalachian blood-letting ceremony. Then, when I couldn't find what I wanted online, I went to the special collections of a major university that had the one copy of the book I could find that contained the late 18th century medical procedure. All this for a story that maybe three people read. And most of the research I did never made it into the story, and that which did, well, I played fast and loose with it.
  11. @SpankeeGal is banned for revealing that she has secret connections.
  12. Does anyone else remember this case? Associated Press, 9 November 2004 Women Allege Boss Spanked Them for Errors By Bill Poovey RED BANK, Tenn. (AP) - Two young women complained to police that they were spanked by their 57-year-old employer for mistakes on the job, and the boss now faces criminal charges. One of the women told police that on her first day at the Tasty Flavors Sno Biz, before any spanking, owner Paul Eugene Levengood made her sign a statement that said: "I give Gene permission to bust my behind any way he sees fit." The separate complaints prompted two sexual battery charges against Levengood of Cleveland, who was freed on a $2,000 bond pending a Nov. 16 court hearing. Levengood could not be reached for comment Tuesday, and his Tasty Flavors Sno Biz shaved ice business in this Chattanooga suburb was closed. Police Sgt. Jay LaMance said the two 19-year-old women likely accepted the spankings instead of leaving immediately because they were "brought up to respect anybody who is an authority figure." One of the women told police Nov. 1 that she "was shocked at the incident but could not leave because she had no transportation." The other woman said she continued to work for Levengood more than a year after she was spanked and reported to police that he told her "either she could be spanked or be fired." The Associated Press is not identifying the women because they may be victims of a sexual crime. According to police documents, one of the women reported that on Oct. 30, her fourth day on the job, Levengood called her "into the back room of the store" after she forgot to put a banana in a smoothie drink. She said that as punishment Levengood "bent her over his knee and spanked her behind 20 times." She said that was one day after he "snapped a photograph of her behind" as she reached for a flavor bottle on a shelf. LaMance said one of the women showed him photographs that had been kept at the store. The photos of women were shot from behind and in some cases do not show faces but "all you see are their behinds," he said. "These photos are not sexually explicit," he said. "They are clothed." At the company headquarters in Minneapolis, sales manager Tom Novetzke described Levengood as a "very Christian person." He said the company's toll-free number is very visible for employees and customers. "We've never had a complaint," Novetzke said. He said Levengood opened the store about two years ago and is "an independent operator using our products." © Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Knoxville News Sentinel, Tennessee, 8 July 2005 State briefs: July 8 Trial set for man accused of spanking teen workers CHATTANOOGA - A Nov. 3 trial date has been set for a Red Bank businessman charged with sexual battery for spanking two of his teenage employees. Paul Eugene "Gene" Levengood, 58, of Cleveland is accused by two 19-year-old female employees of photographing them from behind and spanking them at his Tasty Flavors Sno Biz stand. In a complaint filed Nov. 3, one of the employees accused Levengood of making her lie across his lap in October and spanking her 20 times for making a mistake on a customer's order. Later the same day, Levengood spanked her another 20 times for leaving a door open, the complaint alleges. Levengood then told the employee that it was the best day she had in her week of work and gave her a "wow" card showing that she had done a good job, the complaint adds. Further investigation indicated that Levengood made several sexual remarks to another employee and bent her over his lap in July 2003 and spanked her about 40 times, according to the complaint. Levengood then gave the worker $100 and told her not to tell anyone because "they would think (he) was weird," the complaint alleges. newschannel9.com (WTVC-TV), Chattanooga, Tennessee, 12 January 2006 Red Bank Businessman Classified as Sex Offender for Spanking Employees By Anne Thompson The operator of a snow-cone business in Red Bank, Tennessee had a clause in his employees' contract that said he could quote, "bust their behinds as he sees fit." The problem, police say, is that he took that clause literally. Paul Eugene Leavengood pleaded guilty Thursday to charges he spanked two of his female employees. Prosecutors say what happened to at least the two young women was not only inappropriate, it was criminal. Leavengood made the guilty plea before Hamilton County Criminal Court Judge Doug Meyer Thursday morning. Judge Meyer sentenced Leavengood to 2 years supervised probation. Leavengood must also register as a sex offender with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The judge also ordered Leavengood not to have any contact with the victims, to continue counseling, and not to have unsupervised contact with females under the age of 18. After the sentencing, Leavengood stood outside the court with his attorney, Kenton Holloway, and said, "We hate everything that happened. I wish it never had." Assistant District Attorney Jason Thomas was ready for a trial, but Thursday Leavengood agreed to plead guilty to two counts of sexual battery. Thomas says the atmosphere at the Red Bank business was inappropriate, "It was to some degree sexual in nature, with some joking and some things going on. You might call them overtones." Two of the young women who worked for Leavengood, and were spanked, came forward to authorities. Thomas says it would have been hard on the women to go through a trial, to testify about the sensitive nature of what happened to them, but he also says they are two young ladies of tremendous grit. Except for his attorney, Leavengood sat alone in Judge Doug Meyer's court. After his sentencing, he told us that his actions have taken a toll on him and his family, so he accepted the plea agreement. Leavengood said, "It isn't necessarily what I wanted to do, but I also have to look at the feelings of other folks and how it affects them. So that weighed pretty heavily on our decision. I'm anxious to have this behind me." Later he would be arrested for identity theft while on probation.
  13. What Rubyredd said. I've written enough HR training seminars and textbooks to know that while people may do it, it is illegal to spank an employee. It falls under harassment. Heck, it's illegal to yell at employees (though I know that happens). It's a great fantasy--I enjoy it and have role played it, but I would never ever take or give a spanking to anyone I had a work relationship with, not even (or especially not even) with the business I own. Does it happen? Yes, that's part of what the #metoo movement is all about. Women are finally speaking up about work environments where they were forced into sexual circumstances that they didn't want. It's also why there are now laws that workplaces are required to fairly apply to everyone--even those who want those sort of circumstances. So, Justin, yeah, it's not an acceptable thing even though some people may still practice it. Even in the South, it's illegal, albeit I have no idea how much the law is enforced.
  14. I suppose in some ways, a spanking in itself is a form of conflict. I went back and read a spanking novella I once wrote that was 150+ pages. It did end up having both internal and external conflict, though even at the time, I remeember finding it challenging to write the arguments, the fights. I think in a lot of my shorter stuff, the conflict tends to me more internal as I like exploring situations where the spankee has agreed to the spanking or sometimes even wants it. But I guess, if I think about it, there are still conflicts--such as the 'ee not getting it the desired way. Thank you--you have all given me much to think about.
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